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Hallo … If you are interested in joining the Planport project or you are interested in joining the Planport project, it is a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in viewing their mission vision during the Planport project.

The current supply chain industry is a $64 trillion market that employs millions around the world. Planport is building a protocol for the supply chain industry and our initial product focuses on procurement and its components. Procurement is one of the core sectors of the supply chain industry. It involves buying of goods and services that enable organizations to carry out their day-to-day operations. Someone involved in procurement may be responsible for sourcing raw materials from suppliers globally and bringing them into an organization by working with C-level executives, finance and engineering as well as external suppliers. While procurement is a vital aspect of operations, the process has critical problems that are costly for all businesses from small companies to big corporations. The obstacles include legacy systems with inefficient and closed networks that are expensive, risky and time-consuming, cash flow problems that take weeks or months, contractual nightmares, poor supplier management and closed and centralized access to goods and services. A company spends 30 to 70% of its revenue on outsourced goods and services, yet many still underinvest. The Planport Platform powered by the PORT token aims to solve these problems by unifying the entire procurement process end-to-end and empowering enterprises and suppliers using a decentralized business-to-business network in the supply chain industry. Buyers and sellers can use the platform for procurement, auctions, payments, and contract management. At the end of the supplier and buyer interaction, our invoice marketplace enables suppliers to push invoices to a network of global investors where they can access a diverse range of funders. This marketplace is built on the Blockchain distributed technology allowing participants to have a secure and efficient way to settle trade finance assets in the $3 trillion factoring industry. Planport, as part of Planport Platform, has built and is building the following products: Planport RFX – a procurement product for buyers and sellers. Planport Supplier Manager – a product for enterprises to communicate with and assess suppliers. Planport Auctions – a product for performing reverse auctions with multiple suppliers. Planport Payment Systems – a payment system empowered by the PORT token for business-to-business payments. Planport Contracts – a full contract management product for creation, storage, and discovery of contracts. Planport Experts Networks – an on-demand network of supply chain experts for enterprises. Planport Invoice Marketplace – a trade finance network for suppliers. Planport will revolutionise the supply chain industry by building a platform that streamlines the processes and is built on trust, mutual benefit and user-centric as part of the Web 3.0 by using the Blockchain technology.

The Supply Chain Challenges

Due to the limited tools available, the supply chain industry is mostly reliant on manual processes

Sourcing for any business with the current state of sourcing systems is not only a logistical nightmare. The whole process also comes with technological challenges that could quickly drive a business owner completely nuts. To source for any product and have it moved from its point of origin to the place where the business intends to put it to use, the procuring department has to go through a harrowing process dotted with numerous disjointed legacy systems. And this accounts for why most procurement heads resort to using spreadsheets, email and other tedious manual processes.

Closed and Centralised Access:

Supplier Management:

Contractual Nightmares:

Inefficient B2B Remittance:

Trade Finance Problems:

The Solution: The Supply chain Protocol

The supply chain process has many stages which require concerned parties to use a collaborative approach throughout its lifecycle. Planport simplifies this process by unifying the entire procurement process end-to-end with the power of the blockchain technology. Moreover, Planport intends to create a seamless interaction right from on-boarding, monitoring, issuing and expenditure management, payment processes and performance analysis, among others.

The Planport Supply Chain Protocol

Planport RFx

Painless RFI, RFP, RFQ building, with a seamless team and stakeholder collaboration system. Sourcing decisions and updates are easily managed from start to finish. Read More →

Planport Trade Finance Marketplace

Planport is building a network that is based on the Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology which eliminates the risk of fraud and multi-financing and gives full access to global network of participants of both buyers and sellers of Trade finance asset documents. Read More →

Planport On-Demand Experts Network

Planport promises an innovative model designed to help the procurement process by connecting it with specialized labor pool for enterprises and individuals. The network is designed to help avoid the costly and time-consuming, firm-based consultancy. Procurement heads will easily connect with experts in the different categories, needs, and transact without any hassle common with procurement advising firms.This means there are no large upfront investments or long terms contracts, and users can scale it up or down, or even turn it off as simply as you can turn it on. Read More →

Planport Auctions

Planport reverse auction capability means users can have the following critical benefits designed to promote costs saving practices. The overall effect is improved and dynamic procurement process: reduction of purchasing costs, enhanced procurement processes, increased efficiency in the market, and access to a global supplier base. Read More →

Planport Payments

Transactions within the Planport network will use our ERC20 token, which solves the problem of B2B remittance. This is achieved by the introduction of low-cost, real-time access, safeguards and eliminated reconciliation. These will improve delivery to the market and profitability. With these in place, the working capital is safeguarded as well as performance for all companies involved in the process. Read More →

Planport Supplier Manager

Planport’s supplier management portal is designed to make the lives of suppliers easy, so they can cut the response time from days to minutes, as well as responding to RFPs. We also have a reputation and performance review system which can help the network to identify the best performers easily, eliminate risk and ultimately bring a more significant business outcome Read More →

Planport Contracts

Planport uses cryptographically secure smart-contracts which can be issued for different projects, events, and timeframes within the network. In effect, this means enterprises can eliminate legal risks, high-remittance fees, slow project automation and more. Read More →


Building the infrastructure of the supply chain incentive mechanism.

The Planport token has been designed to have a significant impact on the procurement network and be useful for the users- now and in the long term. This is achieved by solving critical problems that faced by the supply chain system- notably, the procurement and sourcing industry.

Fund Allocation

Token Distribution

Some of the problems PORT token solves


Salesforce Strategic Partnership

We are delighted to be partnering with Salesforce App exchange and to be one of the first and only Blockchain Startup to partner with Salesforce which has over 5 million installs. This will allow our supply chain applications to be offered for a great number of clients and scale our project to a greater level.

App Code Snippet

Past, Current and Future


Event Calendar

A Dynamic Team

We’re an awesome, diverse team that love all sorts of projects, from small to really complex. Discover more about our team members.

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