Welcome to the multi-faceted world of crypts, dear friend.

Since 2009, the word “cryptocurrency” has gained worldwide attention from mainstream media, the word is gradually becoming a family name, and many consider it an investment opportunity. The crypto market is considered a multi-billion dollar market. Coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other successful projects have proven to the world that cryptocurrency is indeed a great investment opportunity.

Despite the fact that the main cryptocurrency is gone, only a few people understand how the cryptocurrency works, and more people use the Cryptocurrency for what it is intended (as a digital Currency used as a medium of exchange).

Paygine is a project that aims to spread cryptocurrency; this is because, despite how successful the cryptocurrency has been, the issue of its use has caused a lot of skepticism, and the following questions are asked by both financial analysts and potential investors.

_ Is it potential to disburse Cryptocurrency both offline and offline?
Can it be simply affected over the borderline?
Since cryptocurrency is motile, how protected is it?
Can it be victimized representing occupation?
What is the runniness and applicability of the blockchain?_
These issues, whether not convincingly answered, desire create cryptocurrencies looking similar aloof a vaindigital resources. Paygine buoy be a program that bids to consecrate a solvent to those who achieve not result the issues expose close to the actual country of the cryptocurrency business.
Paygine desire propose ” cryptocurrency-connected utility, both representing individuals and businesses exploitation cryptocurrency, as simple and commodious as whatever additional currentness and, in day-by-daybeing.”Paygine consumers buoy simply have a follow visage notecase that assumes both Decree and cryptocurrency, and they buoy be exchanged at desire, this desire develop the fluidity of the cryptocurrency and create consumers surefooted in investment in the cryptocurrency.
Paygine furthermore brings the banking business with the planet of coding, acquiescing you to simply move your cryptocurrency to and from cambers. You desire furthermore be capable to create expenditure from on-line collectand ret collect and create a world-wide move.

Information about Paygine token (PGS)
The GHG will be a medium of exchange, as will our usual dollars, pounds and euros. Although the CBC offers more than our usual currencies can offer, because it is not limited to the geographical boundary, and it will be a global Currency that any government will not control, and the Fund transfer will be secured, fast and reliable. The PGK token will be used as a means of making payments.

Details of IKO

Advance ICO start: January 28, 2018
Pre-ICO ends: February 28, 2018 (ended)
ICO start: _18 June 2018
Ends ICO: August 17, 2018
Marker: PGS
Price: 1 PG = 1 US dollar
Bonus: Available
Platforma: Eperium
Reception: BTC, ETN, and Fiat
Softcap: _3,000,000 USD
Hardcap: _30,000,000 USD
Country of origin: USA
White paper/ KYC: available
Restricted areas: China, South Korea



The project Paygine beneficial to all, including retailers, online marketers, teams cryptocurrency, captainvalor and banks. Through the project, Paygine, cryptocurrency reaches its full potential.


My review after Reading about the project, you are likely to be puzzled by some questions. Be sure to ask them Here to provide Links for your acquaintance with the project and the PAYGINE team

[Website:] (https://www.paygine.com/)
[Technical description: ](https://www.paygine.com/assets/helpers/files/en.pdf)
[Twitter: ](https://twitter.com/paygine)
[Facebook:]( https://www.facebook.com/paygine/)
[Medium : ](https://medium.com/paygine)

[Telegram group] ( https://t.me/paygine_official)
[Bitcointalk Ann: ](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2916009)

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