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With more and more methods of making oneself the perfect version of what they had in mind, there are also harmful ones on the market. That doesn’t mean that anything that comes up the market claiming to make you beautiful is a fraud or scam.

There is a saying which states that not to judge a book by its cover or a person by the way they look, but that it is exactly what we do even if we are aware of it. But there are a few out there who feel that they can achieve more if they had looked better or had better appearance.

That and the fact that many have a lot of problems with their skin and skin structure. There are not a lot of methods that can solve those issues and most of them out there are way too costly to be used by everyone.

Everyone’s skin structure differs from many and they still don’t go to a professional for skin check ups, instead they rely on advice from friends and social media. This allows for a lot of wrongly advised cures that tend to do more damage at most of the times, than cure the problem.

The skin care industry is a multi-billion dollar one, with many trying to make a quick buck out of it and it is too fragmented to be able to make advances. This field has lost it’s usual steam and new innovations have come to a standstill with aged methods and practises being used to treat it. It has not changed much in the last few decades while all other fields of medicine have moved on to better ways and methods.

A lot of people spend hundreds, if not thousands, on making themselves look better. While they start mainly with the skin, trying to make themselves look fair, have a glowing complexion and smooth skin. Many may try to solve some misgivings or blemishes on it, while others may try to treat it for dryness and other problems. All this is too costly and not cheap and this means not all can avail these features. This and the fact that it takes a lot of time for the process to finish. Also, since skin is involved, once we try to take any treatment for it, they must put away most of their work and dedicate their time for this until it is finished.

OPU Platform

They plan on solving the above mentioned problems by creating a platform based on Blockchain and AI that helps the users get their skincare and treatments to be done by professionals from anywhere around the world. It helps the community get together, form standards, make advances and contribute to the betterment of the skincare industry.

This will help a lot in making a lot of advances and improving the industry. It also means it’s all decentralised, allowing for not a single entity to have their say on the way this industry operates. It is also more secure and the data and transactions are much safer. It also means that anyone from anywhere can avail their services using the AI implemented App that makes it much simpler and faster in deciding and starting treatments.

ICO & Team

They plan on powering their platform with the introduction of OPU (OPU) Tokens which is based on Ethereum ERC-20 Token standards. Their Pre-Sale is currently in progress with them planing to hold their Main-Sale on 15 August. It requires for you to be Registered, Whitelisted and KYC Verified in order to participate in the ICO.

The Founders and rest of the team has adequate experience in Healthcare, Skincare, AI, Software Development, Blockchain, HR, Community Management and Design respectively. The advisory board consists of renowned and experienced Businessmen, Dermatologists, Advisors, Analysts, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs who also bring along their expertise in fields of Healthcare, Skincare, Legal, Planning, Marketing, Business Development, Blockchain, Investments and Finance.


They have got a unique vision that seems to aim at a niche category at first. But if you do an in-depth analysis, you get to see that they are focussing on making many things right and they are focussed on bringing the future to the present.

They also have got a really strong team with diverse members from various backgrounds. They have also got experienced advisory board and together, they seem like they’d be able to deliver on their promise.

They are tapping into a untapped space in the Blockchain market and have already made a lot of partnerships with quite a few companies and have gained a lot of coverage and a significant user base considering that they have just released their working product, a working one nonetheless. They have all that it takes to succeed in their endeavour.

Website – https://ico.opu.ai/

Whitepaper – https://ico.opu.ai/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Opucoin_Whitepaper_v1.03.pdf

Telegram – https://t.meopulabs

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