REPU is a progressive platform created, allowing its members to use rating systems to shape the reputation of various companies and possible feedback

REPU – Blockchain era can keep the objectivity of each score of the score, reviews stay within the block chain. Internal machine tokens are assigned among device users for each assigned rating and can be used by companies and users to manipulate reputation.In the future, after checking this gadget, we will consider integrating all sorts of social networks and services such as Facebook, Instagram, Vk.Com, Tinder, Badoo, Booking, LinkedIn.
The idea of this mission came out as an attempt to find a solution to make the world better – firstly, it is easy to talk among people, and second, Phrases of ability to present, – Knowledge of problems at every point of exchange of words with customers.
To implement our project, we have chosen the ICO investment model. On the other hand, everyone who wants to become an investor will benefit from a rise in the token price in the future, or will pay for services in the platform with the token. Secondly, REPU financing and introduction methods have increased dramatically, and third, ICO is a clear and up-to-date method of accumulating investment.


Since the start of 2008, social networks are experiencing a real “growth” amongst Internet customers. The number of users of various social networks is developing increasingly more rapidly each day and every 12 months.
The reason for the fast growth in social networks’ attendance price is the opportunity of verbal exchange, interaction with content, and expression of feelings. The expression of feelings, in maximum cases, happens with the assist of “likes”.
The person offers idiosyncratic score that is not utilized in ordinary existence. But an boom in the hobby in social networks tells about excessive cost of this type of score, supplied from society because every 0.33 character in the world uses at the least one social community, that is showed by the time spent via customers on the network.

Project Capability

For its participants, the REPU platform provides a number of easy and functional options:
  1. text exchanges
  2. commented
  3. compilation of feedback on the work of various organizations;
  4. the determination of objective assessment with the help of value (and not “likes”) and “class”);
  5. the establishment of professional ratings of the company;
  6. recruiting
  7. incentive system
In addition, on the basis of the REPU project, an IDI Token individual currency has been created, used for awards. This virtual currency unit is characterized by an ever-increasing rate and can be used for profitable games on the stock market.

The economic characteristics of the platform

The total capitalization of the project is 250,000,000 tokens.
This impressive number is formed from several sources of revenue:
ICO Project – 70% (175,000,000 R);
founder and team members – 10% (25,000 000 R);
token, in closed circulation – 5% (12 500 000 R);
prepayment for ICO – 5% (12 500 000 R);
shares – 5% (12,500,000 R);
consulting services – 2.5% (6 250 000 R);
bonus and accrual of reserves – 2% (5,000 000 R);
lotteries and drawings – 0.5% (1,250,000 R).
Fund disbursements on fixed assets and directives are also distinguished by a wise and rational percentage ratio:


Total Suply : 250 million tokens
5% for pre-sale
70% for sale
THE CLOSED ROUND — will be held until the Pre-ICO
• HardCap : 1000 ETH
• The minimum purchase amount : 1 ETH
• The maximum purchase amount : 300 ETH
• The funds will be spent on preparing Pre-ICO and ICO.
PRE-ICO — will be held in January.
• HardCap : 1800 ETH.
• The minimum purchase amount : 0.1 ETH
• The maximum purchase amount : 500 ETH
• The funds will be spent on preparation and marketing of the ICO stage
ICO — is planned to be held in February.
• Goal : 3.000 ETH
• HardCap : 30.000 ETH
• The minimum purchase amount : 0.03 ETH
• The maximum purchase amount : unlimited
• Description of expenses is on the next page
TOKEN PRICE — Closed Round
• Price per token : 0.00008 ETH
• Minimum purchase amount : 1 ETH
• Minimum purchase amount : 0.1 ETH
• Price per token:price in USD are stated,based on the approximate exchange rate of 690$/ETH
• The price increase every day during tokensale.

• Minimum purchase amount : 0.03 ETH
• Price per token: price in USD are stated, based on the approximate exchange rate of 690$/ETH
• The price increase every week during tokensale.
Apart from the status of this unfinished project, a large number of people from different cities in the country, involved in various fields of activity, have gathered around the progressive idea of the business community.
The REPU team includes specialists in public relations, managers, bank employees, financial analysts, traders, potential investors, economic consultants and so on.
You can also use your opportunity and join the modern REPU block platform.
To sign up, simply click the
More detailed information can be obtained by visiting the official project design:
My bitcointalk:;u=2002666

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