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Dear friends, my warm greetings from (Danzo Shimura) this time I will discuss the USAT project. The USAT project is a great opportunity to make you here again as my reader. As you know and can prove that you like my letter, today there will be no exceptions. I will immediately bring you through the USAT Inc-United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. Their goals and objectives, the benefits that you can get, and other opportunities. Please relax and relax when you read.

connection from me Danzo Shimura My humanity is spread by bold ideas and inventions and institutions of 
individuals. These are people who challenge orthodoxy and have paved the way for radical thinking. Intellectual property rights in many countries are in a dull state, which indicates a complete lack of carelessness, which is provided to original thinkers and innovators. In the digital age, people are more curious than ever.

Exploring and finding our way to the top is one of many ways to leave a permanent sign on humanity. But the problems associated with this area must be overcome for the final open environment of innovation and invention. Providing people with the opportunity to think independently, while retaining their rights to intellectual property, will be a sustainable way.

Proposed solution

The Joint Association of Scientists is a non-profit organization working to improve the situation in the field of intellectual property rights. He decided to bring block-chain technology to the world of intellectual property rights. Patents and trade secrets stored in the repository will be distributed using intellectual contract technology. USAT Token is used on the platform for various transactions. Many new patents are constantly being added to the platform repository.

It seeks to become a transparent and reliable platform where the inventors cooperate and store their inventions. Different income platforms are generated by the platform through marketing in terms of licensing and patent distribution. They also mentioned the description of the patents currently held by the team.


381 250 000 USAT Tokens are created for a project in which 50% of all tokens will be distributed to the ICO. The sale of tokens is currently on the platform until June 14, 2018. 67% of the funds are used for product development, and 20% of the total funds are used on the USAT platform. The team working on the project has experience and commitment.


The testament of orthodoxy and the attraction of liberal views to the creation of a new society based on scientific reasoning, and not blind faith, should be the goal of humanity. Inventors and innovators never sit and scream about the lack of resources and the environment, but bring innovative thinking and a unique approach to problem solving. Do you think that they will be able to transform the process of registration and distribution of patents transparently?

To learn more about this amazing project and invest in it, visit the site below,


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