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With the arrival of crypto-currency, exchanges are launched daily at a fanciful speed. Individuals are finding a replacement crypto-currency exchange on a daily basis. Nothing beats innovation. Produce a game, and be the master in it. If you cannot beat them, join them. The oldest recommendation never fails, innovation is that the key. As we all know that not everybody invents one thing, several concepts are simply an increased version of the recent construct. Hence, continuous innovation should be the goal of the corporate. Hence, it’s a really serious issue within the crypto-currency world.

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Several crypto-currency exchanges lack several of the highest qualities, and it’s the time currently to alter that as we have a tendency to getting in the second section of the crypto-currency investment. There are solely a number of basic metrics which might be used to unravel this perplexity. The novice capitalist and merchandiser face this perplexity daily. The first quality on the platform that we should always look out for is that the security of the digital assets and private data. That’s one in all the highest priorities for several of the users. While not a reliable security, there’s nothing that a platform will support which is able to improve the expertise of the user. The second quality is that the transparency on the platform. So now there is a platform called KUBITX is created to face these challenges.

Solution Offered (https://www.kubitx.io/)

KUBITX will manage 1,000,000 plus transactions per second, it is making ready to maneuver higher. By concentrating on the key qualities like smart client support, security of the digital assets and transparency on the platform, they’re able to become future huge crypto-currency exchange within the world. Offering all the services of an exchange, they’re able to deliver additional by together with the rising markets into their system. Besides from providing a mercantilism account for the users, they’re additionally providing the addition to the other account on the crypto-currency platform.


Supporting the prevailing enactment currency transfer and exchange, they will become the highest crypto-currency exchange within the world. Providing users with the multiple choices to trade in conjunction with the most recent tools for the investment, they’re delivery new options within the crypto-currency exchanges. KUBITX is that the latest crypto-currency exchange that’s able to give distinctive services to the users. Additionally, they have partnered with the multiple banking and monetary establishments for the bill payments and also the remittances. Up the liquidity and educating the plenty regarding the crypto-currency and its applications are the foremost vital mission on the platform.

ICO Introduction (https://www.kubitx.io/)


Total of 500,000,000 KBX Tokens will be created on the platform. 16 % of the tokens will be reserved for the general public sale. The token sale will be started in a number of days. The funds are used for the event and promoting of the platform.

Token Distribution (https://www.kubitx.io/)



The team performing on the platform is intimate within the field of blockchain technology and investment.



This platform guarantees to supply quite what alternative crypto-currency exchanges are providing straight away within the market like, connecting the account to the other existing mercantilism account and the possibility for accretive the enactment and crypto-currency tokens as a payment for the merchants. There are several scams comes running around, and it’s our duty to flag them out.


The crypto-currency race has already created folks worry regarding the long run; however, the time now’s to bring secure solutions within the market. We have seen several crypto-currency exchanges within the market and are awake to the small print to think about before change of integrity them. With the advancement of the technology, we have a tendency to see new solutions daily. While not the correct security and transparency on the platform, it’s solely a scammer’s next assaultive destination.

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