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Nothing beats innovation. Create a game, and be the master in it. if you can’t beat them, join them. The oldest advice never fails, innovation is the key. As we know that not everyone invents something, many ideas are just an enhanced version of the old concept. Hence, continuous innovation must be the goal of the company. With the advent of cryptocurrency, exchanges are launched daily at an imaginary speed. People are finding a new cryptocurrency exchange each day. Sometimes, I think what separates the good cryptocurrency exchange and a not so good platform. There are only a few basic metrics which can be utilized to solve this dilemma. And, as a novice investor and trader face this dilemma every day. Hence, it is a very serious issue in the cryptocurrency world.

The first quality on the platform that we should look out for is the security of the digital assets and personal information. That is one of the top priorities for many of the users. Without a reliable security, there is nothing that a platform can support which will improve the experience of the user. The second quality is the transparency on the platform. Many cryptocurrency exchanges lack many of the top qualities, and it is the time now to change that as we are entering into the second phase of the cryptocurrency investment. Do you think we can develop an innovative and secure cryptocurrency platform for the modern users?

Solution offered (https://www.kubitx.io/)

KUBITX is the latest cryptocurrency exchange that is ready to provide unique services to the users. Managing more than a million transactions per second, it is preparing to move higher. By concentrating on the key qualities such as good customer support, security of the digital assets and transparency on the platform, they are ready to become the next big cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Improving the liquidity and educating the masses about the cryptocurrency and its applications are the most important mission on the platform.

Offering all the services of an exchange, they are ready to deliver more by including the emerging markets into their ecosystem. Supporting the existing fiat currency transfer and exchange, they will become the top cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Providing users with the multiple options to trade along with the latest tools for the investment, they are bringing new features in the cryptocurrency exchanges. I think that what this platform offers is the security and the customer support for the users. They have also partnered with the multiple banking and financial institutions for the bill payments and the remittances. Besides from offering a trading account for the users, they are also offering the addition to any other account on the cryptocurrency platform.

ICO INFORMATION AND TEAM (https://www.kubitx.io/)

500,000,000 KBX Tokens are created on the platform. 16% of the tokens are reserved for the public sale. Token sale to begin a few days. The funds will be utilized for the development and marketing of the platform. The team working on the platform is experienced in the field of blockchain technology and investment.


With the advancement in the technology, we are bound to see new solutions every day. The cryptocurrency race has already made people worry about the future, but the time now is to bring secure solutions in the market. There are many scam projects running around, and it is our duty to flag them out. Without the proper security and transparency on the platform, it is only a scammer’s next attacking destination.

We have seen many cryptocurrency exchanges in the market and are aware of the important points to consider before joining them. This platform promises to offer more than what other cryptocurrency exchanges are offering right now in the market such as, connecting the account to any other existing trading account and option for accepting the fiat and cryptocurrency tokens as a payment for the merchants. What do you think about the services offered by the platform?

Website- https://www.kubitx.io/

Whitepaper- https://kubitx.io/KuBitX_Whitepaper_v1.1_En.pdf

ANN- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4628365



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