The core plan behind TokenStars is to bring the interaction between stars, fans and advertisers to a replacement level and solve celebrity management trade issues.
 Stars: skills and professionals. In associate era once skilled career development extremely depends on the power to draw in social capital and access the funding sources, stars want additional ways that to induce discovered by the audience and sponsors.
 Fans. The balance of celebrities, fans, and media has shifted dramatically. Fans not simply watch. In real time they participate, analyze, critique, fantasize and connect with their favorite stars. Fans want innovations which will give opportunities for interaction and two-way communications with celebrities.
 Advertisers. Brands request new channels of promotion with extremely engaged audience and demand clear and adjustable tools to run advertising campaigns.

We perceive that so as to encourage collaboration between Brobdingnagian variety of participants TokenStars shall develop climbable digital solutions and competitive incentives for all parties. Therefore, we have a tendency to build the standard blockchain platform which will permit participants to mix its blocks and attain the required results. Eventually it’ll amendment the manner however celebrities connect with their fans and advertisers, creating it additional economical and valuable. we have a tendency to introduce TEAM token to empower the interaction between parties. TEAM tokens (ERC-20 standard) can function a type of access to the TokenStars platform and as an interior currency, needed for the bulk of operations and transactions among our scheme.
Use of Blockchain

Our choice of blockchain as underlying technology of the TokenStars platform allows us to build transparent, scalable and verifiable system for all platform participants, especially for fans,scouts, promoters and advertisers. We will grant fans community leaders with tools to audit the records of blockchain distributed ledger to prove the transparency of interaction and avoid the
potential conflicts between the participants.

Solving market problems

TokenStars solves 4 major problems of market participants:
1. Talents (future stars). We provide financial support to young talents at the critical junior age, so they don’t drop out of professional sports and entertainment industries. We also help them to attract audience and accumulate social capital from the beginning of collaboration, to start professional career with a sufficient handicap (in comparison to their peers).
2. Pros (active sports & entertainment stars). We offer representation and marketing promotion to the established pro-athletes and media personalities, that are already attractive for sponsors but were overlooked by traditional agencies.
3. Fans desire much closer interaction with stars celebrities and more influence over their favorite clubs. We provide fans communities with opportunities to communicate in real time, choose future stars and become involved in the celebrity activities.
TokenStars platform have 12 modules for the community and CHARITY Click this link for TokenStars Charity if how it works.

TokenStars ICO is already LIVE. Token Sale started +40% Bonus till 10 January, 12:00pm PDT and have additional 5% bunos those investors who participate 1Bitcoin and above.

Star ICO Module: tokenizing time

The star conducts his personal ICO, gets upfront payment for various exclusive communications with the fans (locker-room tour, dinners, chats, merchandize).

Some offers are sold at auctions. Offers like video chats have unlimited number of participants. Celebrity time is a precious and limited resource. Which is a fundamental growth factor.

‘An Olympic champion’ presells 50 hours of his communications with the fans, who redeem tokens on 1 on 1 training with the star, VIP dinner, a video chat and other exclusive offers.
Detail of Token

  • NAME : Token Stars
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 TEAM = 0,0001 BTC
  • SOFT CAP : $1,000,000
  • HARD CAP : $15,000,000
  • Total Supply : 75,000,000 TEAM

More Info

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