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Crypto-currency exchanges aren’t secure to store all the crypto-currency within the market. Several past incidents give ample proof of this statement. Many websites claiming to be absolutely secure are literally not secure enough to counter hacking tries on their platform. Coins are taken, which cannot happen until the protection is compromised on the platform.


The protection and management of crypto-currency may be a reason behind concern for several folks the physical billfold may be a secure alternative for storing our crypto assets. The opposite challenges within the crypto-currency scheme are group action genuineness, lack of awareness regarding the technology and absence of integrated crypto-currency payment system. So there is a need of platform which diminishes the credibleness of the crypto-currency within the market. Therefore, now there is one platform called BLOCKNOMICS is developed to face these challenges with the help of blockchain technology.

Solution Offered

BLOCKNOMICS designed a crypto-currency payment answer which might be simply integrated by the merchants of the e-commerce sector. BLOCKNOMICS is that the latest platform giving crypto-currency payment answers to the e-commerce sector. There has been a continuing rise within the bitcoin payment on the e-commerce website, and this platform presents a golden chance to the merchants of the e-commerce to run their store dead with the mixing of bitcoin payment and invoicing solutions.

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They began their operation in 2015 as a block watcher, and currently, they need to be launched the bitcoin payment answer. The sole issue that matters to the users on the platform is that the security of their transactions. With the rising trends within the e-commerce sector, the bitcoin payment goes too much in coming back years.


ICO Information

Total of 1,000,000,000 BCK Tokens will be created for the project. 60% of the whole tokens will be reserved for the general public. The main token sale begins on 1st August 2018. 45% of the whole funds are spent on the platform development whereas 15% of the funds are spent on the promoting.

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The team acting on the project is knowledgeable within the fields of blockchain technology.



E-commerce, automobile, producing, and diversion square measure solely a number of the various areas we are able to specialize in to integrate the crypto-currency payment system. The worldwide retail group action is calculable to achieve 21 trillion greenbacks by 2020, and this presents a novel chance for the innovators.

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The crypto-currency users nowadays need applications that permits them to pay the crypto in real-world transactions and defrayal. Despite the tremendous response of the individuals towards crypto-currency, there aren’t several applications which individuals will use in their lifestyle.

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