Bronix is ​​a new generation inter-company trading platform that offers independent, efficient, transparent and stable investment and payment solutions. It combines block chain technology and advanced software such as Smart Conventions, Interplanetary File System and BigChain DB to provide financial stability in such current unstable markets. Integrated technology provides faster processing and scalability on the platform. Later, faster transactions lead to a better pool of liquidity and cash flow within organizations and companies.
Through the block chain technology platform, the CryptoCurrency market is aiming for equal and fair opportunity for people around the world by removing interventions from third parties such as government or financial institutions.
How does the Bronx Cryptocurrency Investment Commodity Exchange work?
There are usually no intermediaries that are the source of major problems – big commissions, government problems, fraudulent schemes.
Inflation protection was also created to protect against fluctuations in the market. This will help to maintain the desired income stability. Your website contains extensive information about articles and blogs, including those involving “information” about events in the world of cryptography. Knowledge power – absolutely accurate information.
Full Version Information on the issuance and purchase of tokens in the Bronix website. In addition, three key team members have organic and additional contact information.
ICO BRNX markers on Bronix
Bronix will achieve ERC 20-compliant token that is used by BroniX for trading purposes on assertive platform assisting. Having a jet can guarantee membership on the platform without adding the number of coins the user has. The copy-trade feature in the system allows all users to act in a way that they can follow the steps taken by professional investors.
The platform allows users to trade margin trades, allowing users to borrow and then process Bronx tokens for a longer or shorter time from other coin holders (at a fixed rate of credit). This is similar to the concepts one person gets credit for and then gets settled on.
In addition to trading, users can use the platform’s encrypted communication service to discuss issues with the signer with other users. Traders can make money with this service by requesting a consulting fee.


BRONIX is a new-age hybrid cryptocurrency platform which will allow users to be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as multiple financial products which include margins as the world’s first ever derivate trading used with cryptocurrencies.
In order to make trading activities across multiple products to be modularized, the platform has been segregated into the following:
• A decentralized exchange: This BRONIX platform will make it possible for users to choose between a decentralized ecosystem and the centralized ecosystem.
When the trade completes successfully, the trader will be able to keep his or her fund in the:
BRONIX trading account, BRONIX deposit account, and it can as well be transferred to own-crypto wallet either cold or hot.
• A centralized exchange: After a successful verification, users will be able to make deposit of their funds within the deposit account of the decentralized exchange.
For trading to commence, users will move funds to the trading account in order to access the margins and the derivate market.


The trading platform will be the next generation of trading platforms that will offer trading opportunities to cryptocurrency investors and traders.
BRONIX will offer the full spectrum of trading activities which will range from a normal day trading to full-fledged trading of derivate.
BRONIX, will also offer exciting possibilities of social trading that will allow users to trade as peer the trades performed by peers and this might include trading geniuses who have made a fortune by trading.
The BRONIX platform has some modules and the features are explained as follows:
• It will utilize the power of blockchain and then utilize the plan to produce a fruitful and a stable future for individuals all around the world.
• At BRONIX, there is a plan to channelize this new technology and make it available to citizens across the planet and also unfold the golden opportunity it is associated with.
• BRONIX platform will be guided with simplicity, security and transparency. BRONIX application and web portal will make it easy for management and accessing of the platform for old and new investors or traders.
• With the availability of an incredible team with seasoned developers, adroit marketers and experienced founders, we are head-on creating a benchmark in the cryptocurrency market.


The capital segment can be categorized as follows:
• A forwards/futures market which will allow people to trade on the basis if the future price of the desired cryptocurrency.
BRONIX will make it possible for users to purchase cryptocurrencies in a large quantity at a market-determined price.
• Options trading will allow users to pay a premium in order to gain the option of either buying or selling a cryptocurrency at a formula derived stake price.
An instant transfer.
The absence of the third party.
Prevention of fraud.
Availability of confidentiality.
The presence of an active management.
A decentralized and a P2P platform.


This is another good innovation that will make it possible for users to follow the trading pattern of geniuses on the platform, there is an opportunity for anyone to register and be called a trading genius.
When a registered user trades on the BRONIX trading platform, it will be captured and ranked on a leaderboard that will be updated in real-time.
Whatever income made through the social trading becomes a means of passive income for users and incentives the trading geniuses by providing them with a percentage of profit made in their name as a commission for the power of trading.


The identification and conceptualisation will begin by April 2018.
Bronix wallet and exchange of VP launch will begin by July 2018.
Token sale will begin by July 2018.
Bronix centralized exchange live will be by January 2019.
Bronix decentralized exchange live will be by April 2019.
Options trading live will be April 2020.
Futures trading live will be January 2020.
Marginal trading live will be October 2019.
Social trading live will be April 2019.


The platform will charge a usage fee to enable traders to execute their trades on the trading platform. Before the margins of trading will be accessed, users will be charged an interest for the funds utilized.
Every transaction on the BRONIX platform will be effectively dominated in the BRNX tokens. In order to conduct trades within BRONIX platform, the user must be able to purchase the token from either of ICO events or through crypto-exchanges post-ICO.
The fee that will be charged will be removed directly from the deposit account of the user and then transferred to the company reserves pool, every token will be kept locked for a period of 1 year to 5 years.
The removal of active tokens from circulation will be coupled with the increase in demand for BRNX tokens for trading activities which are due to:
The lowest trading fee at 0.015% per trade and an increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies by traders and investors.


The sale token will last for 60 days, the long process will begin on the 22nd of June and end on the 26th of August, and it will be divided into two phases which includes: Pre-ICO and ICO.
The pre-ICO will begin on the 22nd of June and it will end on the 22nd of July.
Private investors, as well as early adopters, will become participants of special offers and a discounted price of $0.35.
If the contributed price is over $1000 with a 10% discount.
If the contributed price is over $5000 with a 15% discount.
If the contributed price is over $10,000 with a 25% discount.
If the contributed price is over $100,000 with a 35% discount.
The second and final ICO phase will commence on the 26th of July until the 26th of August.
The commencement of the token sale will be announced through the project website, official twitter, official telegram channel and official blog.
BRONIX will be at the rate of 1BRNX to be $0.35.
Once the maximum number of price token is sold, the next phase will have an immediate commencement.


250 million BRNX token will be made available. 70% will be available for public sale through pre-sale and token sale event of the ICO.
There will be a great discount during the sale of pre-sale and it will experience a gradual scale to get to a price of USD___ where it will be sold to the general public during the event of the token sale.
The other 30% of the token will have the following distribution:
Advisors will have 12%, founders will have 16% and bounty will have 2%.
The allocation of tokens is for three segments: advisors will have 30 million BRNX, founders will have 40 million BRNX and bounty will have 5 million BRNX.


70% will be for public crowd sale.
12% will be for advisors and marketers.
16% will be for Bronix team.
02% will be for bounty programs.


Platform development will have 30%.
General and administrative will have 10%.
The development of business will have 20%.
Marketing will have 20%.
Legal will have 15%.
User incentives for loyalty will be 5%


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