The World-First SmartPhone-Only Mining Blockchain Technology + Distributed Computing Technology Low-Power Mining Platform for High-Scalability MIB stands for Mobile Integrated Blockchain. Our Blockchain Network relies on SmartPhone device that is that the most generally used device with unlimited practicality because it is named the Mobile-PC. Anyone will transfer MIB APP on their SmartPhone to begin Mining and exchange their deep-mined MIB Coin. The Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform (MSXBP) permits varied payments and transactions on Mobile surroundings. MIB Mining now not needs central processor, GPU, or ASIC and the other expensive mining instrumentation. MIB Distributed Mobile Blockchain System provides High-Efficiency Blockchain Network on low-priced. Existing Cryptocurrencies are highlighted socially and economically whereas their excessive energy consumption has been growing into a social drawback. None of different Cryptocurrencies have brought an answer to the matter despite the evident facet result that the longer term of Cryptocurrency can got to face. currently we’ve got brought solutions and results to the present drawback that nobody has tried before through the event of our Mobile Mining kind Coin, MIB.

What Is MIB COIN ?

MIB COIN may be a new blockchain development, that is made to change users to mining crypto currency mistreatment smartphone while not mistreatment extra means that. This development offers a replacement application with the assistance of that users are going to be able to interact within the mining of crypto currency. so as to start, you wish to perform actions in precisely a couple of steps. This application simply must be put in on your smartphone, when that you start to mining the MIB token, opt for the required payment methodology from the provided list. once mistreatment this application, the smartphone can’t be broken from overplaying.

The company sets a goal giving the chance to each one that desires to mining crypto currency. this is often Associate in Nursing completely eco-friendly, low-energy, reliable methodology for energy-based mining. additionally, it doesn’t need massive expenditures. All processes performed throughout the MIB mining is controlled by the user, that the user will severally distribute the hash speed.

How will It Work

How does one mine cryptocurrency on smartphones while not dedicated high-priced equipment?

Firstly, lets outline what a HASH rate means: In straightforward terms, a hash rate is outlined because the speed at that a given mining machine operates. a better hash rate is healthier once mining , it will increase your chance of finding ensuing block and receiving the reward and at a similar time needs an enormous quantity of energy like we have a tendency to discuss earlier terribly|and really|and extremely} very high-priced. Moving more,

Anyone will mine with a smartphone. Benchmark your smartphone and apportion a hash rate. MIB is meant in order that your smartphone is ready to face up to the machine complexness needed for mining and defend your smartphone from heating and damaging the hardware. It`s attainable with one smartphone.Reduced power by ninety nine.24% compared to existing mining machines.

All you wish to try to to is transfer the APP, MIB Coin Mining App for robot version is currently running on TestNet and you’ll transfer it on Google PlayStore


Token name: MIB

Platform: SmartX Blockchain

Token price: 1 ETH = 1200 MIB

Total supply: 600,000,000 MIB

Public ICO: Jul 20, 2018 ~ Aug 10, 2018


50% of MIB Coin is allocated as Smart Mining and is available to anyone easily.
27.51% of MIB Coin is used for the maintenance and management of MIB’ network ecosystem. More specifically, 11.67% for Reserve and 15.84% for Extra Marketing.
22.49% of MIB Coin is distributed to MIB Pre-Sales, ICO, and the stakeholders. More specifically, 5.83% for Pre-Sales, 8.33% for ICO, 3.33% for the investors, 3.33% for the advisors, and 1.67% for the team are distributed


35% will be kept in capital reserves
35% will be used for technology development of SmartX Blockchain, Smart Contract, DAPP, token platform, connected platform and security.
10% will be used for the operational cost of marketing, accounting, legal and regulatory purposes
10% will be used for MIB’s global marketing, social media and branding
10% will be used to establish strategic partners, offices, and business development around the world

Road map

2017 Q3

  • CONZBY: Developing a cryptocurrency trading engine and an exclusive miner’s sales menu
  • Designing the initial concept of SmartX Blockchain platform (SBP)
  • Planning the SBP project and researching on technical aspects

2017 Q4

  • Building a team for MIB coin project (based on SBP) and completing the concept
  • Publishing a white paper

2018 Q1

  • MIB coin official website Reinforcing the manpower of the team
  • Performing pre-sales
  • Advancing the development of SBP

2018 Q2

2018 Q3

  • Releasing the main network
  • Announcing mining pool clients
  • Smart Mining Application
  • Announcing smart mining application
  • Starting MIB coin mining
  • Supporting a master node community
  • CtoC trading service
  • coin send & money transfer

2018 Q4

  • Setting up and advancing the SBP R&D center
  • Opening a platform development center for expanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • Supporting the issuance of a functional token and investing in technology
  • PayGate Service

2019 Q1


  • Increasing availability through the MIB Coin partnership expansion

Team & Advisors



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