The unique technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency has posed significant impacts on every sector of the economy including, Agriculture, power, finance, Health, Education, banking and lots more. This great technology has what it takes to transform the internet from just information to a value exchange technology. The Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, which uses the cryptograph techniques and distributed consensus algorithms to create a decentralized, traceable, immutable, and currency properties this technology the potential to trigger many innovative projects and boost the world’s economy.

Currently, the market capitalization of blockchain digital assets has increase remarkably, with new real life usage and benefits of the blockchain unfolding every day. Despite the acceptance of digital assets within the blockchain world, crypto currencies are still very unpopular in the traditional, centralized financial world. Thus people still suffer the stress of having to pass through a third part send, receive or manage funds.


With the introduction of cryptocurrencies, it was necessary to have exchanges where these currencies could be exchanges with each other or with FIAT currencies. A crypto exchange is a digital marketplace where traders can sell and buy their digital currencies. There are two different types of cryptocurrency exchanges Centralized and decentralize.

Nevertheless, the whole essence e of the peer to peer nature of blockchain technology is hindered by centralize exchanges. This is because in decentralized world of cryptocurrency users of centralize exchange don’t have control over their funds. Anytime the platform is hacked, investors are bound to lose their assets, etc. this is why Decentralize exchanges are mostly preferred and this and more advantages is why INGOT COIN (: platform is the Best.


INGOT COIN is a special a decentralized platform with a focus on creating a unique revolutionized ecosystem which is based on blockchain technology. It also aimed at linking crypto currency markets with the already existing financial markets while working to improve their efficiency. Moreover, INGOT will connect all these together in one ecosystem.  INGOT COIN comes with so many advantages over the already existing ecosystems. Some of which are:

1. Low transaction fees: unlike other exchanges where transaction fees are extremely high and scary, where some users have to abandon their funds because it’s not enough to even pay for the transaction fees, the INGOT ecosystem will have a considerably low transaction fees.

2. Bonus for loyal users: with  INGOT ecosystem holders and given some discounts on transaction fees.

3. Different varieties of trading services rendered on the platforms make it outstanding, some of which are:

– Cryptocurrency – fiat currency transaction: in this case, the user’s request is entered to the INGOT COIN Brokerage account and the contract value is transferred to the user’s account on the IC Exchange as crypto to be exchanged for fiat. As soon as the crypto to fiat order is matched the smart contract will then trigger an instant buy order for the desired commodity through the IC Brokerage and the fiat generated from the exchange of the crypto on the IC Exchange is deposited into the IC Brokerage account to settle the deal.

– INGOTCOIN developing team has some financial expert who will Endeavour to screen and select some highly developed markets for their users. E.g the United States equity market, the European equity market and commodity markets which will be traded on exchanges with high rating

– INGOT COIN will increase its competitive advantage over other markets through the following ways:

1through providing low commissions,

2. Tightening the spreads through high volumes trading

3.Carrying out high quality market research reports that will cover all IC market products

4. Operating with practical risk management tools

5. Offering current and an up to date trading analysis (fundamental and technical analysis)

Analysis fundamental and technical analysis and serving fund management programs that meet client’s risk and return, and objectives & constraints. IC Brokerage will

6. INGOT COIN Brokerage will comply with the KYC & AML procedures thereby providing duly verified user access over the whole INGOTCOIN Ecosystem.

7 Above all, Digital Bank with many functions are integrated with the INGOT COIN banking systems

Interesting, another unique advantage of INGOTCOIN ecosystem over all others is the provision of FIAT-FIAT trading, ie, users can trade USA against POUNDS, all in the platform.


Token Symbol: IC

Token Type: Ethereum

Maximum supply: 120, 000,000 IC

Token Price: 1 USD

Soft cap: 37,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 90,000,000 USD

Accepted currency: USD, ETH, BTC, XRP     


The success of every project depends mostly on the activeness of the team behind it. Below are pictures of sone great members of the INGOT GROUP OF COMPANIES.


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