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 Offer the hybrid blockchain with flexible option

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Root blockchain is the disruptor within the modern blockchain technology. Now, transaction records will be completely separate from the real transaction itself, resulting in a low-cost, and high-pace blockchain implementation. That is achieved via generalizing a virtual fingerprint of the transaction data and storing this fingerprint.
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These solutions are developed by professional teams with robust experience in blockchain industry. After growing several custom blockchains, the team started to notice a few unusual bad patterns. Root blockchain was invented solutions to deal with these challenges. Root blockchain solves the above challenges with new solutions;
  1. Remedy complexity through blockchain as a Service (baas) — root blockchain provides the first hybrid blockchain with a flexible option for both organization and retail customers. This differentiation will make it quite easy.
  2. Resolve the blockchain size — Root continues the blockchain size small via the use of a completely unique mechanism — most effective cryptographic hashes of the transaction data are saved within the blockchain.
  3. Low transaction fee — storing the actual data is optionally available. Considering that a transaction price is directly proportional to the volume of data, by not storing data, a person can preserve their transaction cost low.
  4. Maintain data private — this is additionally beneficial if the data is personal in nature and the person does now not want it to be publicly available.
  5. Resolve transaction data size — Root blockchain is completely API, which means that companies can achieve the benefits of blockchain era without the accompanying complexity and cost concerned. Business can join their existent business to the Root API and get going.
  6. Secure vault — if the user requires to uploading data in conjunction with the transaction, the root blockchain is included with a secure vault for the encrypted storage of virtual asset. Root blockchain offers multiple layers of data protection and privacy that a client might opt for.
  7. Root blockchain makes it easy for organizations to commenced with blockchain. It without difficulty setup and start reaping the advantages of blockchain technology.
  8. Performance — Root blockchain employs a unique mechanism to increase the speed of transaction affirmation on the blockchain, whilst on the same time retaining the charges is low.
The ICO is still ongoing and be part of the revolutionary platform
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The initial coin offering, is the biggest trend in cryptocurrency. ICO are regularly used to fund new cryptocurrencies development. This pre-sale token can be traded and exchanged with other cryptocurrencies. Initial coin offering is greater used for the crypto project development fund by means of liberating token that is incorporated into the assignment to some extent. After this, ICO has turn out to be an instrument that could revolutionize currency and the whole financial system. Such tokens can become the share and securities in the future.
  1. Root blockchain ICO pricing detail present price $0.01 total supply :
2,500,000,000 th
Benefit till March 24th, 2018
40% extra tokens if amount is more than 5 ether
30% more tokens if amount is more than 3 ether
25% extra tokens if amount is more than 2 ether
20% extra tokens if quantity is more than 1 ether
10% more tokens to registered user
2% more tokens if registering from someone’s referrer code
Be part of the ICO and make contributions to the task and earn rich dividends.


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