Sidera: FIRST blockchain Wearable Technology Integrated with Exchange Around The Wrist


SIDERA WEARABLE BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY  Sidera platform has come with same properties of Bitcoin of Real Implementation, Open Governance and incentivization that allows for a rapid global expansion by consumerizing cryptocurrencies by enabling their use in retail Point of Sale (POS) through a smart watch and a contactless shorthand. Thus, According to report “Wearable Technology Market by Product,” the wearable technology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.51% between 2016 – 2022, from USD 15.74 Billion in 2015 to reach USD 51.60 Billion by 2022.


Sidera platform has come with its blockchain properties of Real Implementation of blockchain wearable technology solutions in order to add billion of user’s to the cryptocurrency Internet of Things (IoT) movement by developing and adding two major components to the blockchain ecosystem by consumerized cryptocurrencies by enabling their use in real Point of Sale (POS) through a smartwatch and a contactless smartband. Also, the real implementation of Bitcoin blockchain footsteps, open governance and incentivization that allows for the rapid global expansion of the solution.

However, in order to improve effectiveness and mass adoption and use of Internet of Things (IoT) Siidera will facilitate the sharing of its existing devices, vehicles, buildings and lots more by embedding sensors and network connectivity that enable its things to collect and exchange data by integrating blockchain technology into the IoT architecture and keep an immutable ledger of all shared transactions without the presence of third party and eliminating the middle men , thus allowing sharing applications to operate in a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) mode.

Furthermore, Sidera is a complete end-to-end solution for contactless and smartwatch retail Point of Sale (POS) including a full-stack reference implementation of all the components, which also includes a mobile application and point-of-sale (POS) terminals that are already in deployment and this components will be made widely available to user’s through open source and open specifications.


Sidera Decentralized Wearable Devices

The decentralized wearable devices is a new technology by Sidera scalable ecosystem designed and created for the aim of sending cryptocurrencies in a revolutionary and free way called Decentralized Wearable Devices (DWD). The wearable device is a great device which can support and sustain user’s daily productivity. Retailers will be able to collect super data such as user’s in-store shopping frequency, basket size, value per item and lots more. Thus, it will also allows retailers to access consumers personal traits, and privacy of customers is highly protected. And for this purpose Sidera platform has designed the very first Decentralized Wearable Devices project called SmartBit.

SmartBit is a personal, non-intrusive and crypto friendly device which give individuals opportunity to wear their funds around his/her waist with full encryption, allowing offline wrist-to-wrist exchanges and a plethora of other innovative characteristics. SmartBit is a new idea of smartwatches and smart-bands focused on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Scope of these devices is to provide for its users an easy, handily, innovative and secure way to manage the Crypto-environment.

SmartBit will be produced in three specific versions which are:

1. BitBand: multi-color interchangeable wristbands with touch display

2. BitWatch Premium: 3-color elegant smartwatch with touch display;

3. BitWatch Visionary: elegant smartwatch with touch display and multi-layer security with facial recognition and biometric sensor.

Features Of SmartBit device

• Secure Anti-Theft System: Multi-Layer, Body Sensor, Biometric, Facial recognition is being integrated into the device

• Ghost mode: Ultra secure partition fully encrypted in military-grade AED-2048

• Wrist-to-wrist transactions: Off-chain transactions between Smartwatches in range.

• Continuum: decentralized peer-based wearable exchange.

• Seed entropy generation: Accelerometer and arm movement-bases wallet seed generation.

• POS Payment NFC: Worldwide POS Payments with on the fly crypto to FIAT conversion.

• Auto-detect: Transaction address auto detection

• Extra: Notifications, QR codes, News, weather, Price alerts, Trading, Chart Views, Watch faces.

Below are the most important basic features of the SmartBit device:

1. Date and time with current Bitcoin/Multicurrency/ERC-20 price. Possibility to choose which specific currency to display (Ex. BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/CNY) and from which source (Ex. CoinDesk price). Possibility to switch to a chart mode.

2. Notifications. As a smartwatch, SmartBit lets users receive phone notifications like every other smartwatch on the market but with a new revolutionary feature (see below).

3. Bitcoin wallet operations. Receive and send Bitcoin/Multicurrency/ERC-20 from the SmartBit smartwatch.

CONTINUUM Wearable Exchange

CONTINUUM Exchange is a fully decentralized and completely wearable exchange , it runs through BitSmart devices on millions of peer-based wrists and allows trading user’s favourites Cryptocurrencies by simply tapping a button.

Sidera’s Blockchain uses a principle called INTERSECT, in which dApps, cryptographic algorithms and transactions co-exist without weighing down the network. Bitcoins and the Etherum network problem has been taken care off, developing an alternative solution. Thus, each element developed through our Blockchain (from transactions to applications) intersects through IoT wearable devices, which act as intelligent micro-nodes, lightening the network, integrated with its innovative Proof-of-Load protocol.


Sidera platform has developed its own ERC20 Compatible token named The EQUOS coin, it will allow users to have access to SIDERA entire ecosystem. It also supports smart contracts and dApps, with the Bitcoin network and the Blockchain protocol 4.0. EQUOS will also be used for processing fee and reducing network cost.



PRESLE: July 10, 2018 – July 25, 2018

Bonus: $100 to $1000 is 25%

$1001 to $50000 bonus is 30%

$50000 and above bonus is 35%


August 1, 2018 – August 31 2018


1st week. 20%

2nd week. 15%

3rd week. 10%


Total supply: 51,000, 000.00

Standard: ERC20

Soft Cap: $ 1,500,000 USD

Sales rate: 1EQUOS =$2

Note: SIDERA team

Hard Cap: Target $ 15,000,000 USD

HARD CAP: $ 15,000,000 USD









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