2Local stands for global sustainability and prosperity, thereby making the purchases of ordinary people affordable at any time of the day. 2Local works on blockchain technology and uses smart contracts. 2Local includes experienced and creative entrepreneurs who like to develop something new, come up with various solutions and use them in practice. Their main task is to get rid of poverty and hunger on all of our planet, and they also want to try to solve environmental and climate problems.

Conversion process

Achieving sustainability and prosperity requires a transformation process. 2Local do not want to compete with anyone, but rather are ready for any cooperation and change. The task of the team from the competition is to make a joint merger, and the 2local cashback system contributes to this process. The 2local team is inspired by cultural relativism, which in turn contributes to a kind of symbiosis for absolutely everyone. They want to achieve this through the participation of people and asking them for very little money.

L2L Token

L2L token is built on a special algorithm, which is associated with the cashback system. A commission is charged on each transaction and then, together with profit in the system, is returned to 2local users, of course, if they purchase products from campaigns that can prove that they are producing a quality product. To make a deal, you must register at https://2local.io/. The official website is a kind of trading platform on which there is such an important section as the search for companies where the consumer can easily find a company that sells products stably and locally.

Buyers can also buy environmentally friendly and fresh products, I get back a percentage of the purchase, which facilitates the subsequent purchase process. To solve problems around 2Local around the world, customers will shop with local companies using the L2L token.

The project team is busy working on the creation of a new payment system that will work on blockchain technology. This payment system will be available to absolutely everyone, and with a purchase a small percentage of the money will be returned to him.


1. There is no problem with paper money, since a digital coin is used.

2. Access to your account with a digital wallet is possible from your mobile device.

3. The opportunity to participate with society.

4. The opportunity to help save our environment and help people in need.

5. Access to the market of subsidiaries.

6. Refund of a certain percentage of money for the purchase of products from subsidiaries.

ICO and IEO Information

Token Symbol – L2L

Total number of tokens – 21,000,000,000 L2L

On the platform – Stellar


Pre-sale starts on October 1, 2019.

The price for 1 L2L token on the preliminary sale will be $ 0.00031233

The maximum fee is $ 830.533

The main pre-sale starts on November 1, 2019.

The price for 1 L2L token on the main preliminary sale will be $ 0.00043944


IEO starts in December 2019.

The exchange is still unknown, as negotiations are underway.

The maximum fee is $ 3,157,400

The price for 1 L2L token in the first round of IEO sales will be $ 0.00036317

The price for 1 L2L token in the second round of IEO sales will be $ 0.00047212

The number of tokens for the sale of IEO will be allocated – 7,560,000,000 L2L.

Listing of the L2L token on the exchange is planned in February 2020.

Token Distribution:

7% – Team and all authors

36% – IEO sales

12% – Marketing

19% – Ecosystem

17% – Fund

9% – ICO sales

It will already be possible to buy L2L tokens through a mobile application after the launch of IEO on October 17. It will be very easy to purchase them simply by scanning the QR code.


The project seems to me very interesting, since I have not yet met projects with a similar concept. The 2Local project has a very important task – to save our planet and help people with poverty. Therefore, I would very much like the team to succeed and the project continued to exist.


Website: https://2local.io/

WhitePaper: https://2local.io/docs/Whitepaper.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/2local1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2local-2297961593816000

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2local

Telegram: https://t.me/Group_2local

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAtpMQjkt1d72X8Tv8D8bsQ

Author : Maniecool

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