3 RESULTS PROJECT ICO LISTEREUM (LIST) (Service For The Organization Of Weddings)


Listereum is a new project ICO that is now being released and is focusing on the field of wedding and invitation services. The service from Listereum aims to create a wedding site where newlyweds can create guest lists, send invitations online, tell about vacation spots, provide routes and more. Also make or order a beautiful invitation card.

With the existence of this service site, of course, it will facilitate someone in planning a wedding and ordering an invitation. Because this service will become a service that allows one to order various wedding supplies through the services of this service site.


In this article, we will discuss 3 results of the project offered by Listereum.

The results of the Listereum project are 3 of them:

1. All wedding services in one place

2. Recommended electricity service

3. What do you get from the Listereum service site?

1. All Wedding Services In One Place

Listereum will provide services for newlyweds where they can find all the needs they need for their celebrations. Everything from personal sites and guest lists to honeymoon bookings. Where in this service there will be many various kinds of things that we can order for wedding preparation including:

a. Invitations

b. Restaurant reservation

c. Masters

d. The wedding cake

e. Flowers and design

f. Marketplace

g. The drinks

h. Honeymoon

We can order all of these needs, for marriage preparations in only one place, namely through services from the Listereum service, so that it will make it easier for us to prepare for a marriage without worrying about thinking and ordering a wide variety of needs through different service locations.

2. Features Of Economy Services

In Listerum services there will be a variety of features provided to make it easier for someone when ordering various kinds of needs for their wedding, the features provided by Listereum include:

a. Wedding site and beautiful invitations

b. Master search service

c. Marketplaces

d. Order of transport

e. Tour booking service

3. What Do You Get From The Listereum Service Site?

The main item from Listereum’s income. LIST Token — gives the right to profit from all projects. Listereum will get profit commissions from various places including:

a. Commission from the masters

b. Marketplace Commission

c. Restaurant Commission

d. Travel agent

is. Store

f. Additional services


From the description above we can conclude that, Listereum is an ICO project with very good and useful services for many people. With this service, it will make it easier for someone to prepare for marriage through services from Listereum.

The features provided by this service are also very good and can provide convenience to find various kinds of needs needed in a wedding, so that we can get all those needs in one place.

Because Listerum is a service in which there are many features that are mutually beneficial for all parties, of course Listereum must benefit as well, where profits from Listereum are also very fair and will certainly benefit various parties.


Thus the article with the title “3 Results Project ICO Listereum (LIST) (Service For The Organization Of Weddings)”. Hopefully it can add useful information for all of us.


If you are interested in this ICO project and in the future you may be married and need services from this service, you can visit social media links here:


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