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Hello everyone in this article I will present an interesting ICO analysis, called the Authored platform, based on some of the following criteria:
Authored is an informal organizational stage, which allows to distribute a large substance of essays and elemental authors.


  • ATH (Authored Token) as a method for transformation within the framework.
  • Authored distribution is fast and friendly.
  • Buy the first productions from creators.
  • Management of notebooks for Peruser who want to hear great.


Mine “My” ATH through various exercises from appraisal groups, recordings.
The Authored provides an administration that allows distributors, journalists to connect with perusers searching for valuable data. Given that segregation and prevalence are thought through different frameworks, Authored does not provide paper-based delivery services. It offers an author-based online book management, focusing on customer experience, and delivering smarter services to clients in the era of Innovation 4.0.
Authorized using blockchain innovation – it is the use of an ATH token in the light of the ERC-20 phase as a method for change in the framework.
Printing is not long with Visa, Master Card or even financial compensation.
Authors can distribute their articles on Authored quickly and warmly, such as status in the informal community Facebook, Twitter, etc.
The offender is allowed to use the Author with a pleasant experience. Although the first production is obtained by content creators at a reasonable price, they can also communicate with creators easily.
Authored could provide a benefit-book discourse with the means to serve Perusern wanting to hear great, passionate announcement judgments or basically being too slow and making it impossible without reading someone else’s online book, because of fatigue, he looks. The voices are recorded by the author himself or by different people.
Clients can “cut” ATH specifically on the Authored through various exercises by evaluating creators, joining account groups, and so on, which makes sources pay for themselves
The application of smart contracts will be as varied as possible:

Insurance companies Insurance companies, instead of waiting for people to file their claims, can start the process through their smart contract.

Copyright. Books, songs, movies, documentaries or anything that may have copyright can take advantage of smart contracts. It is not necessary to manually control the sales of books or songs, the intelligent contract supervises everything and will calculate how much each collaborator is entitled to.

Exchanges. Once the intelligent contract receives both fiats or cryptos to be exchanged, it would continue executing the next action included in the contract.

Parcel Tracking cargo containers would be much easier with smart contracts that monitor the location of the ship, train or plane. Since they are computerized, smart contracts can provide the last known location of the cargo container every hour or every minute without human intervention.

Job. Smart contracts can record the exact number of hours an employee worked to properly track performance and also to facilitate salary wages.

Mortgage. The mortgage loan is a very complicated process and requires a large amount of documents to complete and sign. The smart contract can make the whole process simpler, easier and cheaper for both parties.

Logistics and supply chain. Supply chain management is about the flow of goods from raw materials to a finished product such as automobile production. The smart contract can monitor who is responsible for a given lot number of raw materials, what time it was processed and other things necessary to track the productivity and efficiency of the entire manufacturing process.

Others. There are still more applications for smart contracts that were not mentioned here and many more in the future.
What ultimately proposes ETHEREUM LIMITED ( is something that covers a clear need of society regarding intelligent contracts, since what hinders the massive adoption of intelligent contracts is the lack of skills of programming. And, not everyone knows how to write an intelligent contract because it requires extensive knowledge of programming.

Token sale
Total offers 125,000,000 ATH
Token Distribution
Fund Allocation
To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:

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