DRIVEHOLIC – The First Kind World Premier Social Vehicle Marketplace in Blockchain Technology

This is a decentralized system, which indicates the absence of 3rd parties, intermediaries or central authority, as transactions on the platform take place on a peer-to-peer basis.

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The Driveholic has the ability to carry out analysis about competitors, and also get market deals that are highly beneficial to the potential investors.

About the Internet

The internet as we know keeps getting better every other passing year; with better features each new year and getting more user friendly. But in 2008, the internet was revolutionized with the blockchain being the most fascinating aspect of this innovation, it came to actualization as a result of the combination of prior existing technologies and integrated in an original way.

When the internet was created, it came with so many prospects, and paved the way for the creation of so many technological innovations which have been beneficial to man in so many ways. Among these technological innovations are the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

When cryptocurrencies were introduced, only very few people were part of the trend, and that was due to the fact that a lot of people did not understand how it was possible for digital assets to function in place of fiat currencies. Over time, more people joined the crypto trend till we got to our present state with cryptocurrencies, and every day, more people are adopting the use of cryptocurrencies for business transactions.


Driveholic is an online market platform that uses the blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence to provide information about the availability of credible and profitable cars and cryptocurrency based businesses suitable for investors to invest in.

Driveholic is a blockchain based peer-to-peer marketplace for cars. Driveholic’s goal is to create a social marketplace where buyers and sellers can come together to sell cars using our secure escrow based system. The Driveholic platform will allow users to buy and sell cars using cryptocurrency, without being restricted to fiat currencies or geographical limitations.

Driveholic is the best stock market place for today, as the ecosystem includes support of the world financial systems, as well as support of the state financial regulator.

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In addition, it will develop its technologies, as well as interaction with developing countries, which will significantly expand the horizon of opportunities. A modern, modular blockchain system will avoid mistakes and attract both the professional community and large investment funds that prefer to keep their assets in a safe place.

A high-performance Platform is built on the basis of Strategies, which leads to the possibility of improvement through modules. Driveholic is built from scratch, in order for the system to check for errors and write data to the restore for the subsequent elimination of errors in operation.

Benefits of Driveholic

Absolute Security:

No matter how much an investor wants to make a quick buck from their investment portfolio, all efforts will be of no use unless that investment is made in a way that guarantees its security.

Driveholic is the ideal investor’s paradise as it not only comes with the absolute physical stability of the vehicle industry, it comes with an added bonus of being powered by the first manmade innovation that has been proven to be resistant to all sabotage, the blockchain technology.

What this means is that investors are assured that their money is kept safe as all transactions are kept recorded on an immutable blockchain ledger. No one has any ability to counterfeit or create false records of transactions, giving investors maximum peace of mind as they put their hard-earned money on the platform.


Another unique benefit that investors stand to gain from investing on the DRIVEHOLIC platform is the fact that the fluidity of a traditional is amplified with the use of dividend paying crypto tokens.

The platform is highly fluid in the sense that unlike traditional that have to go through the traditional banking systems to pay dividends which take quite some time to be disseminated, the DRIVEHOLIC platform is able to handle dividend payouts automatically and absolutely instantaneously all around the world.

No investor has to wait long days wondering if their dividends will be forthcoming, as all hindrance are done away with the DRIVEHOLIC platform.

Global Reach:

One of the key challenges traditional face till this day is the fact that excessive regulations, as well as long bureaucratic red tapes, make investment almost impossible on a global level.

DRIVEHOLIC is the first kind of platform that scales these challenges as it offers its investors unfettered access to a global portfolio of investment options. No matter where anyone might be located around the world, an investor is able to fully participate and given equal opportunity to benefit from the immense potentials and unparalleled benefits of the DRIVEHOLIC platform.

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