NanoHealthCare Token(NHCT) – A Blockchain powered Total Health ecosystem
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About NanoHealthCare Token
NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) is a blockchain based healthcare ecosystem which introduces the concept of ‘Total Health.’ Our ecosystem connects users, medical and wellness service providers and insurance firms for personalizing healthcare to be more effective and efficient.

Founding Total Health
Many blockchain enthusiasts as nicely as investors have been in a higher function to understand the worthy the manufacturer brings about. This is in relation to the choices of constructing whole well being that will move a lengthy method in assisting customers to chief wholesome and higher excellent of life.

One of the judges, Irina Litchfield, congratulated the workforce for coming up with an creative healthcare venture which was instrumental in augmenting healthcare within the standard populace. This is simply due to the very fact there are only a few of such tasks accessible on blockchain.

On the moment day of the conference, the NHCT workforce took edge on the ICO pitch, the place again, they have been succesful to safe very certain responses from the participants. The company’s CEO, Manish Ranjan, asserted that the manufacturer has a nice legacy while it involves provision of healthcare services.

NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) addresses the existing healthcare data challenges and its impact using a blockchain based application that:

  • Maintains the medical record of an individual as a single source of truth.
  • Builds an ecosystem of healthcare with providers, insurers, researchers and patients for exchange of medical data in a – consistent and secure manner.
  • Employs a proven artificial intelligence engine that utilises medical data to recommend personalised activities to improve health.
  • Offers token-based incentives to encourage participation in the health focused community.
  • Motivates the developer community to build integrated applications within the ecosystem.

NHCT supported by NanoHealth

NanoHealth uses a unique combination of community health workers called “health trainers” and a proprietary technology platform to facilitate the early diagnosis and continuous treatment of chronic NCDs such as diabetes and high blood pressure

NHCT ecosystem: evaluation proposal
Personalize healthcare for the user
Personalize the health care for one person
image2Overview of users about fitness and healthy presentation2Messaging about their Total Healthimage2Giving AI based on recommendations for preventative care, Effective and effective health systems. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health systems image2 Reliability of health trainers to ensure continuous safety2Saving a secure data store for data storage2 Creating validated data for personalized plans and studies.

Delivering Coordinated, Continuous Care
Our unique approach leverages technology with human touch to offer personalized care management, medication-sensitive support, and care coordination with health providers. This is made possible with our health coaches. NanoHealth’s Health Coach will assess (screening) an individual’s health using point of care diagnostics. Health Coaches, pioneered by NanoHealth, are registered medical and wellness practitioners.
They are the first level of data validators within the ecosystem. The result of their health assessment is a colour coded
health report that will allow users to seek appropriate care and develop a continuous plan.

Coordinated Care: NanoHealth provides one-stop access to a wide array of care providers. The service ofers access to doctors, specialists, pharmacies, diagnostics and nutritionists to seamlessly manage users’ health.
The Health Coach will help users connect to a multidisciplinary team, alleviating the hassle of seeking individual providers.

Continuous Care Management: Health Coaches provide periodic follow-ups to ensure that users actively manage their healthy lifestyle. This is an important care for patients who sufer from chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, and cholesterol since a large part of their health and wellness is determined by how they manage the condition.

Personalized Recommendations
Our NanoHealth app has an in-built recommendation engine which analyses diferent outcomes and proactively
suggests specific activities based on risk factors. We have proven AI powered algorithms for conditions including
hypertension, diabetes and cholesterol. The recommendations ofered by the app connect health and wellness providers contextually to users. Based on patient parameters (vitals) and target parameters, the system recommends the next best actions across diet, exercise, medicine and check-ups.

Our Track Record
We have executed projects with governments and corporate environments to reduce NCDs and monitor the health and wellness of their population objectively. These projects have helped us to test, learn and develop a comprehensive system that is user-friendly and responsive. The projects have met all the set objectives and have been running successfully for the past three years.

Corporate Health Tracker
Healthy, productive employees are the biggest asset of any organisation. For this market, we have dedicated solutions to provide Health and Wellness related services such as health assessment, personalized Health and Wellness services and continuous health monitoring.

Current Landscape
With the emergence of blockchain technology, healthcare is one of the industries where developers and
investors have shown a lot of interest. It is a leading challenge for governments, individuals and organisations.
Ultimately, it is very well suited for blockchain adoption. With numerous healthcare related Apps and DApps in
the market, healthcare industry is brimming with solutions from handling data, interoperability, patient
involvement and incentivization. However, most of these solutions are very high on rhetoric and promise but low
on delivery / execution; we are still quite far from finding the silver bullet.



Whitelisting – (local time)
KYC – Yes, required
Public Pre-sale – (local time)
Token Unit – NanoHealthCare Token
Token Type – ERC20
Symbol – NHCT
Fundraising Goal – $1,000,000 (Soft cap) / $9,000,000 (Hard cap)
Total Tokens – 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
Base Price – $0.032
Available for Token Sale – 35% of total tokens

NanoHealth: HULT Prize Winner
Wins US $1M
2016 First 10,000 active members registered
2017 Partnership with Telangana Govt
ISO 27001 Certified
Active users crosses 75,000
2018 Q4 NanoHealthCare Token ICO launch
2019 Q1 Launch Diet services
2019 Q3 Total Health on Blockchain
2020 Q1 EHR on blockchain
2020 Q2 Target 1M users

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