Reasons why Bitcoinus is a welcomed development in the Right Direction

Online retail e-commerce has witnessed an exponential growth globally. According to a report by statista, online sales have increased from an initial value of $2.29 trillion in 2017 to $2.77 billion by the end of 2018. The global market for Online e-commerce sales is projected to reach $4.48 Trillion by the end of 2021.

Source: Statista

This shows the rate at which online retails industries are fast developing globally. However, the global cryptocurrencies market has witnessed a huge turnout as well with a market capitalization above $400 billion as of March 2018. This means many online retail industries will be adding cryptocurrency as part of the payment processors and this is where bitcoinus will come in as a cryptocurrency processing industry. Bicoinus will create an ecosystem which will make buying and selling of goods and services using cryptocurrency possible. Bitcoinus will add top hundred cryptocurrencies to their platform. This will not make payment seamless but will also pave way for general acceptability of cryptocurrencies for making payment by other industries globally. Traditional payment with a credit card usually incurs high transaction fees. This is because of the higher number of the parties involved in processing and transmitting transactions. This is one reason while individual should consider joining Bitcoinus because the transaction fees will be reduced to the lowest minimum because of Bitcoinus will process payment with an algorithm that performs transaction operation at a reduced number of layers thereby reducing transaction cost (0.5% commision). In order to prevent the risk of fraud, Bitcoinus will conduct rigorous KYC verification for anyone interested in becoming their client. Also, one of the major challenges of decentralized blockchain is an issue of fraud and that is the reason why bitcoinus will make sure only the usual have access to their asset and their private key and they have sole control over their wallet. Bitcoinus will also introduce rating system where merchant using the platform are rated based on the successive transaction between them and buyer.In case there is any problem between buyer and any merchant on the platform, Bitcoinus will give them up to seven days to resolve the problem and after this then a third party moderator will be summoned to further help in resolving any problem. In case a buyer or merchant keep on having a similar problem when making transactions, such merchant might be removed from the platform to prevent the issue of fraud and other problem. Bitcoinus will also have an instant payment Notification (IPN) that will allow all users to receive instant notification when payment is being received or when the status of payment change. Bitcoinus will also integrate plugin from e-commerce platforms that are already accepting bitcoin. Such platforms include; KFC, Microsoft, Shopify, Magento 2, WordPress, Newegg etc. this will allow the users to use crypto asset when it is necessary. This will enhance transaction speed and increase safety. Some other buttons which will be integrated into bitcoinus platform include donation and shopping cart button. For the project startup, Bitcoinus is launching an Initial coin offering where BITS token will the sold to investors. Holders of BITS token will have advantages which include zero transaction fees when making payment with BITS token. For further detail about bitcoinus including the token sales kindly visit the website Here. Some other important links include




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