the only cryptocurrency in the world that is connected to concrete values ​​that allow you to buy a house.

What is  ROCATI  ? 
ROCATI is the first cryptocurrency associated with real assets: real estate property 

”  ROCATI was born to start a country’s real economy through the purchase of real estate property, and plans to become the industry’s global reference currency  .” 

Our Vision

With ROCATI we plan to help revive the real estate market and, as a consequence, revive the real economy. We are at the beginning of a revolution in financial markets and we plan to be part of this challenge as a leader. 

ROCATI’s core business is tied to concrete, not speculation, in the context of property renovations that pay particular attention to the environment, with the aim of reducing energy waste.

Our strategy encourages financial innovation in the real estate industry, which aims to disseminate safety and protection to offer consumers a convenient, safe and reliable solution. Our added value is transparency and professionalism. ROCATI will bring all potential customers to the same level, giving confidence to those who have the wisdom to buy it. Anyone will have the opportunity to buy a renovated apartment, without nightmares having to access credit lines. ROCATI is the only cryptocurrency in the world that connects to concrete values ​​that allow you to buy a house. 

People who buy ROCATI will be part of an exclusive club that offers three benefits: protecting your savings, allowing you to buy your dream home, and helping your partner to build a family. 

Why ICO?

During the ICO phase, 45 million ROCATI will be placed on the market, with a value of one euro for each token. The results will be used to manufacture the world’s largest real estate project, whose strength will be based on the buying and selling agent chain, supported by companies that will guarantee credit through cryptocurrency.

  • Q1 2017 – It’s time to come for cryptocurrency to really take a big leap forward.

ROCATI recognizes the need to stand out from other types of electronic money: 
digital currencies that will grow thanks to the real assets of brick.

  • Q4 2017 – This project is completed by maintaining absolute rights to home from anywhere

creditor. A transferrable agreement, a form of rent to be purchased with 100% funding through ROCATI, 
is a market solution waiting for form. By only completing the property sale deed after 
full payment has been made, the buyer ensures their property cannot be attacked.

  • 2018-2021 – ROCATI Limited was founded by a broad spectrum of Italian teams

skills and skills – structural engineers, architects and designers, IT engineers, 
financial experts, estate agents and journalists who specialize in brand identity. The main objective 
through the ITARCO estate agent is to occupy the main capitals of Europe to communicate 
to the general public the real benefits and uses of ROCATI.

  • 2021-2024 – Asia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Increase in income
and the power of consumers, has consolidated the middle class to increase their demand for goods
and service. For this reason, driven by rapid market growth like Vietnam,
India, Philippines, China and Indonesia, Asia is the main destination for global investors.
In 2026, Asia will own 35% of world real estate.
Creation of real estate values ​​in Asia:
  • India: There is a lack of necessary commercial and retail sales space
filled. The existing real estate reality is outdated and needs to be updated.
  • China: The real estate sector in China is clearly developing. What emerges is a strong need
for commercial real estate to ensure the export of goods flows harmoniously.
  • Japan: There is a strong opportunity for investment in the housing sector. Very real
An estate portfolio, with high rent and low management costs, is a point of interest for
go global. 
Recommendations for users
For those who approach the world of cryptocurrency for the first time, it’s very important to
understand that a very important role is played by security and optimal management
investation. We always recommend storing ROCATI on personal wallets. Password and
Access keys must be held exclusively by the account holder to prevent anyone from accessing
personal wallet and make transactions they don’t know. 
Worldwide Real Estate Value




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