The first cryptocurrency associated with real assets: real estate property

ROCATI is the first cryptanalytic to deal with physical assets: real estate

“ROCATI has been created to create a perfect economy for our country through real estate and we plan to become the industry’s global reference currency.”

Our vision

Through ROCATI, we plan to help real estate and thus stimulate the real economy. We are at the beginning of the financial market revolution. We will be part of this competition and become leaders.

Rocati was born to start the real economy of the nation through the sale of real estate and plans to become a global reference industry currency. Rocati’s advantage is that it is based on specifications and not speculation from other cards. They also pay special attention to the environment with the aim of reducing energy waste. Their strategy is to encourage financial innovation in the real estate industry, to spread safety and protection to provide a convenient, safe and reliable solution for consumers.

Rocati’s approach accelerates and simplifies commercial real estate. Rocati wants to expand the concept of electronic money, from the world of commerce to the real world. A revolution in the real estate industry will start through blockchain.

The purpose of Rocati

The basic idea of ​​this platform is to introduce this cryptocurrency as a payment instrument to the market to buy and sell real estate housing, pass through the banking sector, and add additional bank fees, from real estate transactions and ensure the implementation of the possibility of buying and / or rebuilding real estate housing on mortgages 100% without initial payment when paying with Rocati electronic money.

This offers a unique opportunity for low-income families to get their housing facilities without starting their own capital. Another advantageous feature is lower mortgage rates in the banking sector.

Rocati RCT Token

ROCATI is a utility token designed and created to increase asset sales through this platform. This is an ERC20 compatible token that is supported by the Ethereum blockchain. The advantage of using Ethereum is that it’s not just a currency exchange network but also a network for blockchain-based periodic contracts. Rocati’s capitalization is 45 million euros, a token worth 1 euro.

By buying ROCATI, you will be able to buy a house through the ITARCO real estate agent. Those who intend to buy real estate will be given credit up to 100% of the value. Transparency of activities is ensured by an account through which public officials record the deed directly into the currency.

Conclusion Rocati (RCT Token)

ROCATI Limited wants to expand the concept of electronic money from the world of transactions to the real world. The project aims to link social values ​​with asset purchases. The right to house has attracted the entire ROCATI team in finding the right technology and legal solutions to give people the opportunity to buy their dream home. Just as cheap airlines have given people the opportunity to fly, ROCATI aims for homes.

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