Rocati ICO (RCT Token): Buy real estate with Crypto

ROCATI is the first cryptocurrency related to real assets: real estate property

“ROCATI was born to start a perfect economy for the country through real estate, and plans to become a global reference industry currency.”

Our vision

With ROCATI we plan to help real estate and, as a consequence, move the real economy back. We are at the beginning of a revolution in financial markets and we plan to be part of this competition as leaders.

ROCATI’s core business Right in concrete, not speculation, in the context of property renovations that pay particular attention to the environment, with the aim of reducing energy waste.

Our strategy is encouraging in the real estate industry, which aims to disseminate and make it possible to offer consumers a convenient, safe and reliable solution. Our added value is transparency and professionalism. ROCATI will bring everyone to the same level, giving confidence to those who have the wisdom to buy. Anyone who will have to buy an apartment that has been involved, without dreams, must access the credit line. ROCATI is the only cryptocurrency in the world that connects to concrete values ​​that allow you to buy a house.

People who buy ROCATI will be part of the club that offers you, allows you to buy your dream home, and helps to build a family.


During the ICO phase, 45 million ROCATI will be placed on the market, with a value of one euro for each token. It will be used to make the largest real estate projects in the world, whose strength will be needed for sales, by companies that will guarantee credit through cryptocurrency.

Worldwide Real Estate Value




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