Investment continues to grow, and advanced technology is introduced. People start using electronic funds to explore new horizons. Today, investors are looking for professional traders who are trying to utilize available resources to double ownership. However, unlike the current system, which has no complexity, you need to notify the stock exchange, use assets that are implemented in the trading room, investors must also spend it. This process requires more time.

Investors who do not want to manage their own savings have a good solution

CINDX is a multifunctional trading platform and global solution for simple, reliable and efficient transactions in encrypted assets. This allows users to view the password manager on the platform, evaluate performance, and see control strings. CINDX is an investment management platform that allows administrators and investors to easily manage electronic funds and eliminate risks.

The main advantages of this platform are:

Manage your personal money in your portfolio in each currency market.
You have a complete and transparent history from every manager.
Please work with an arbitrary amount.
Minimize costs and avoid intermediaries.
To make the platform easier to use, an evaluation system is provided. Estimates are attached to your business history and you can choose the manager that is most suitable for you. Password management assets are stored permanently in Wallet.

Cindex provides an evaluation system to find the appropriate manager using the transaction log. In this case, the properties of all administrative passwords are permanently stored in the wallet. With a hierarchical and intelligent contract you can manage your portfolio without transferring funds to the manager. Investors are involved in synchronizing transactions with the best players on the market.

How Cindex Works
We need to emphasize some features of this unique project:

Investors realistically evaluate the effectiveness of each trader on the platform. This way you can choose experts who are not desirable to manage property.

Investors offer opportunities to work with cumulative qualifications. Traders make information transactions using years of experience.

For traders, this collaboration is very informative and costs depend directly on their skills and activities. By multiplying the number of investors, traders can get strong rewards.

Creative tool vendors who deal with crypto have various fields. This is very convenient for traders. We will offer new opportunities to properly utilize customer assets.

There are also many benefits for CINDX developers, and compensation is calculated when transactions are carried out in the project.



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