Welcome my readers to this wonderful platform. Today I am writing a very interesting project called ELPIS. This project seems more interesting after reading the whitepaper. The project has a very good concept. I know this project will get high success. Consider investing. I am very happy with this project. I will explain a few more details below about this great project to be easily understood by everyone.
Elpis, will be the first crypto-asset trading company totally driven by Artificial Intelligence and based on blockchain, to bridge the gap between old and new finance by trading both crypto and traditional assets, offering our technology to both institutional and retail clients.
Elpis mission is to be a leader in the Trading and Blockchain space by operating with the objective of being more efficient than the average trading competition, working only on performance, and by building an organization and a structure totally open and transparent for our customers that, thanks to the blockchain, will be able to constantly verify and audit our operations. The final objective is to give access to our trading and fund management technologies now in hands of few, to the masses.

The Elpis token (ELP) will be implemented using the Ethereum ERC20. ELP holders generate value from the token through the the distribution of equity (2.5% of the company) – in theory, equity value will rise over-time as profits from trading are used to buy back tokens.
According to the white paper, 80% of the funds raised will go towards assets under management (AUM), 10% will go towards core team costs, 4% towards human resources (HR), 3% towards marketing, 2% towards operations, with the remainder of the pot (1%) towards one-off costs.
For the pre-sale, the price of the ELP token is fixed at $0.08. For the public sale, the price of the ELP token starts at $0.08 and is capped at $3.65 – price will be subject to a supply/demand mechanism. The total number of tokens to be sold is capped at 250,000,000 which will raise a total of $160,469,959.
The company has not yet stated its intention to list the ELP tokens on any major crypto exchanges. Elpis is Utility Token ELP token holders will be part of the first radically transparent hybrid fund using Artificial Intelligence to anticipate market moves and protect investments from human bias and errors. Elpis will use 20% of trading profits to periodicallbuybackck and burn ELP tokens to increase the value for token holders. Every token holder will have one-year free access to its trading signals platform and can use tokens to pay for Elpis services.

Token ELP
PreICO Price 1 ELP = 0.06 USD
Price 1 ELP = 0.11 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
Raised $1,300,000
Country Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
Provided the company’s quantitative trading strategies are profitable and the team is transparent and has the best interest of investors in mind, then there’s only one growth opportunity related to this ICO – the buy back of tokens. In theory, consecutive token repurchases by the company will positively influence the price of ELP tokens over the long-term. +4

Elpis’ core team consists of both inexperienced and relatively experienced quantitative traders. For a startup quantitative hedge fund, this should be seen as a major red flag.
The company’s CEO and President, Anatoly Castella, lacks a quantitative background and just graduated college last year. The company’s COO and Vice President, Andrea De Francisci, also lacks a quantitative background and just graduated college last year. The company’s CIO, Luigi Piva, is on the only team member with a basic quantitative background.
The rest of Elpis’ team consists of a software engineer, a data scientist, a black marketer, an editor in chief, a quant developer (also inexperienced), and a financial advisor.
The company’s advisory board only consists of blockchain enthusiasts and blockchain specialists – no one with a hedge fund background or a quantitative background.

Elpis’s AI goal is to provide trading signals (specific buying and selling market orders) to every participant in both the fund and its ICO, and give the ability to perform as an expert investment manager, using a technology platform built to simulate a professionally managed fund, but in an easily comprehensible application that requires minimal to no intervention. Dear reader, this is just a brief overview of the purpose, benefits and opportunities that can be gained from this innovative project. After reading this briefing, I am sure you will want to know more
For more information about this great project kindly click on the links below;
Altcointalktalk Username: Kcokoo2
Eth Address: 0xE9a3c6d8e79901243e5D1ADEC46d11F27E4E61d9


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