Dear reader: As well as my usual practice of providing valuable and profitable information on your way, let me quickly give you information about this great innovation known as “RENDER IT COIN“. Please sit down and relax your nerves while reading. In addition, I encourage you not only to read but also to take an important step as part of this great innovation.

Render It, a provider of solutions for computer graphics, created from a passion for hardware and innovative technologies
. As a business, we rent expensive high-performance equipment to assist with various tasks,
professional firms or creative individuals who can not afford to purchase or maintain such equipment.

Team Render It Coin has always been fascinated by computer rendering. However, the use of equipment for real-time rendering is extremely expensive, not only does the cost of special equipment cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, but also consumes an extraordinary amount of electricity.

Functions of Render It Coin:

  1. Works on Ethereum: the design of our coin based on Ethereum inherits the recognition that these contract-based smart currencies already exist and will be well known for global exchange. As Ethereum already uses the capabilities of
    Blockchain, our coin also excels in the amazing features of this innovative technology, such as worldwide access, decentralization, anonymity, fraud prevention and much more.
  2. Constant value with Render It: We have developed and implemented Render It Coin, so it will always maintain its value when used as a payment medium in exchange for services offered on our platform.
  3. Removal: during ICO coins will be available for withdrawal at any time. You can withdraw purchased tokens in your wallet during and after the ICO.
  4. A coin supported by high-tech hardware: redeem the tokens that you purchased for our services, including access to high-end computer equipment. Remote access to our equipment for performing complex computing tasks or using the received coins to pay for mining contracts offered on our farm.

Advantages of Render It Coin:

  1. Reduce energy costs: to achieve our goals and complete our vision, we will allocate the funds raised by our investors to the construction of a private wind turbine that will reduce the operating costs of energy associated with the connection of our facilities. It also opens up opportunities for the implementation of unique innovative proposals and services.
  2. Coin acceptance: Render It Coin will be a respected and accepted form of payment for all transactions that can be executed on our platform and always evaluated at a constant rate, which lowers this rate if our Crypto currency grows.
  3. Rent of high-tech computer equipment: buyers can redeem this coin to lease high-performance computer equipment on the platform Render It

Road map

MARCH, 2017Development and structuring of groups.

SEPTEMBER, 2017. Accommodation for server storage 3000 sq. M. M and the first purchase of equipment for renovation for a total of 45,000 euros.

NOVEMBER DECEMBER 2017 The beginning of our cooperation with animation studios; Signing of a permanent contract with ProSoft Ireland for the supply of electrical appliances; Completed a permanent contract with Altaria Studio Poland for the provision of processing capacity
JANUARY, 2018. Providing our computer energy services for regular customers.

FEBRUARY, 2018 purchase of additional equipment for a total amount of EUR 20,000; Estimated monthly net income of 3500 euros from our services.

MARCH, 2018Official registration of our company in Ireland and the launch of the site

APRIL, 2018Cryptocurrency design as a means of payment for obtaining funds for the needs of the company and minimizing the cost of results.

May, 2018. Implementation of the coin rendering as an agreement Ethereum (ERC20) and publication of our website.

JUNE SEPTEMBER 2018 Start of sale before ICO. Writing and compiling reference information; The launch of the first coin is offered by Crowdsale Advertising.

OCTOBER DECEMBER, 2018 Our coin is switched to local and external exchange listing; Creation of cryptographic roles on our servers to provide financial data of customers and their crypto-isolation; Creating an online market and currency exchange in the European Union on our servers.

JANUARY, 2019 Acquisition of land for the construction of a multimedia campus using investor funds; Creation of new employment opportunities and the opening of an educational center in order to attract creative, inventive people; Attracting capital to purchase a private wind turbine to minimize the cost of using it; Expansion of our capabilities with the help of additional high-quality computer equipment; Development of mobile rendering applications and remote access software (free software); Sharing of computing power with universities, research institutes and scientific institutions; Donate 1% of our income to charity.

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