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SPOKKZ is a video launch company launched in 2012 by Spuul with the help of Blockchain technology. This creates a decentralized ecological system and market where all stakeholders in the film industry (advertisers, stars, content creators and traders) meet. Its branches are located in Mumbai, Dubai, Sydney and Auckland. SPOKKZ uses more than 60 million users in 180 countries. Around 60,000 transactions are carried out on this platform every day. Despite receiving revenues of $ 14 million in 2017, it is expected to double every year in the next three years.

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The following can be identified as a problem in the current context.

Large studios have a self-service agenda
They have intermediaries
They are forced to choose their content on viewers
The accusation is unfair
There is no room for community participation
These problems are handled more precisely for SPOKKZ,

This allows viewers to determine what content is functioning and what prices are given to access decentralized ecosystems and markets
Group funding and assistance in the promotion of films and television programs
Allow the public to become producer members, web content creators, actors, celebrities, and advertisers as equal stakeholders.

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The number of symbols for this project is 1 billion. The minimum amount is expected to increase because the ceiling is $ 5 million with the maximum expected increase due to the $ 19.68 million limit. All payment processes for special codes are only received from ETH, BTC, ZIL and Cash where the token price is 1 SPKZ = US $ 0.08. The total number of exhibits is expected to be distributed as follows.

The current economy – 43%
General sales – 30%
Team – 14%
Consultant – 6%
Law and marketing – 6%
Bounty – 1%
Before buying a code, each customer must go through your KYC and every AML transaction.

The money collected will be used to develop the project. Thus they are assigned as follows,

Content financing and acquisition – 50%
Content for marketing and promotion – 21%
Driving and Operations – 21%
Pregnancy and emergencies – 8%
Tokenholder can also benefit from the following benefits as the symbol owner.

Token holders can share and review movies and TV shows. You can, on the other hand, receive SPOKKZ tokens from the ecosystem.
Icons can be used to stream premium content and shop at partner stores
The icon can be converted to BTC / ETH.
They can produce films and Crowdfund series via blockchain
Token holders can be part of the most important global entertainment community
SPOKKZ reached 59 million users and planned to achieve the following things in the near future.

Access is targeted to 75 million users
Fundraising for the first batch and second film in installments
Happens soon
Spread 80 million symbolic portfolios
Launching a legal loyalty program
At the end of the first quarter of 2019, it aims to reach 100 million users.

SPOKKZ was brought to success by an extraordinary team of high-quality and experienced nuts. They are experts in BlockChain technology, business development, entertainment programs, banking and financial services, risk management, capital markets, treasury management, public relations, legal affairs, and so on.

Tim Spokkz

More Information About Spokkz:

Situs web: https://spokkz.com
Whitepaper: https://spokkz.com/static/documents/whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spuul
Telegram: https: // t.me/SpokkzOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpokkzOfficial
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4480708.0


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