We have been wearing timepieces for quite a long time yet did our ancestors envision a universe of Smartwatches outfitted with the most recent innovation that has purchased about its very own upset. It has changed our idea of wearing computerized watches and has empowered us to make a stride encourage towards cutting edge versatile advancements and devices. The Smartwatches are turning into the standard contraption and are supplanting comparable items from the market gradually and relentlessly. Smartwatches are figuring gadgets that have made its very own specialty place in the innovation industry

Sidera is another stage made for cryptographic money customers that permits clients in the offer of Point of Sale (POS) utilizing smartwatch and contactless smartband. Sidera is the main blockchain innovation to utilize the primary decentralized wearable gadgets.

Sidera will give a motivating force system to members through free equipment suppliers for retail locations in European topography as a begin. Clients will be offered motivating forces to take an interest in the system of clients through straightforwardness and openness of utilization, simplicity of installment with cell phones and the effortlessness of the shrewd clock.

The sidera stage produces digital money and cryptographic money asks for that are as of now huge and little. Other online digital money trades nobody can bring new cryptographic money clients from this portion in a similar sum. We center around purchaser advertise withdrawal.

Advanced and Unique Features of Wearable Device Sidera (DWD)

Worldwide Measured and Fully Decentralized: BitSmart is a wallet that can be utilized on your wrist equipment and is completely decentralized and anchored by blockchain.

Sedir’s vision

Sidera can help make new and developed essentials, while extraordinary while extensive and insignificant electronic money. Sidera is concentrating on Asia simply more particularly in Philippines and China. half of all Southeast Asian people live in the Philippines. In China, there are fundamentally more than 700 million people . Make usage of the web. Sedira gives a common assembling a significant cognizance of Philippines and China business focus with screen information, fittings, and things to suit your essentials Bridge of the market where Sidera is heading.The unique advancement of Sedira Billfold Bitcoin/ERC-20 Your money is kept OFF-CHAIN on your arm, with multi-layer encryption military.Our wrist-to-wrist development Our advancement empowers you to send or get EQS, Bitcoin or some other ERC-20 tokens by methods for separated trades from the arm to hand.

NFC POS Payments

We create SmartBit things with NFC modules that enable you to spend your trade all around out any shop. A pack of Cell Notice features, auto-distinguish deal handles, cat mode, exceptionally composed watch faces, QR generator, cost alerts, offers to say the least!

Shielded and sound Robbery Program

Specific DWD Technology

Sidera flexible condition turns around another dynamic strategy for securing crypto: Decentralized Wearable Devices (DWD).

Creative and Secure

Bitsmart is another idea of smartwatches and splendid gatherings focused on Bitcoin and cryptographic types of money. Degree of these devices is to suit its customers a straightforward, advantageously, imaginative and secure way to deal with manage the Crypto-condition.

Wrist-to-wrist and the sky is the limit from there!

Your benefits are tied down around your wrist, totally mixed, empowering detached wrist-to-wrist trades and an a lot of other innovactive characteristics.

Our Unique Technology

Sidera makes useful out of nowhere to store securely on your wrist all your cryptopcurrencies. In a superb and adroit way.

Bitcoin/ERC-20 wallet

Your advantages are secured OFF-CHAIN on your wrist, with military audit multi-layered encryption.

Wrist-To-Wrist Proximity Transactions

Our specific advancement empowers you to send or get EQS, Bitcoin or some other ERC-20 token through wrist-to-wrist detached trades.

NFC POS Payments

We gather our SmartBit contraptions with NFC module empowering you to spend your benefits all around in any shop.

Numerous features

Versatile admonitions, auto-perceive trade address, apparition mode, modify watchfaces, QR generator, esteem alerts, trading and significantly more!

Secure foe of theft system

Your advantages are hard to stolen, paying little mind to whether you free BitSmart or the private key. We have you anchored with multi-layer security.

Around the world, flexible, totally decentralized

BitSmart is the primary gear wallet that you can tolerate on your wrist. It is completely decentralized, totally secured by the Blockchain.


The important physical decentralized wearable exchange

Continuum is the important physical and wearable decentralized exchange. You don’t have to rely upon a central master: trade cryptographic types of money with peers basically on your wrist.


Sidera’s Blockchain uses a run called INTERSECT, in which dApps, cryptographic limits and trades exist together without weighting down the framework.

Your money may not end up being stolen, in spite of the way that you lose your BitSmart or individual fundamental. We’ve safeguarded you with various layers of security. Around the globe, adaptable, totally different leveled BitSmart is the fundamental apparatus spending you may bear on your arm. It is decentralized, altogether guaranteed by Blockchain.

SmartBit will end up being conveyed in 3 particular assortments:

BitBand: multicolor flawless hand tie with contact demonstrate screen;

BitWatch High quality: Elegant 3-shading sharp clock with contact appear;

BitWatch Visionary: Elegant, extraordinary watch with contact demonstrate screen and multi-layered affirmation with encounter reputation and biometric receptors.


Target 15,000,000 USD

51,000,000 of Token ERC20 eQUOS

1 USD = 0.5 eQUOS

Sidera, if there should be an occurrence of issues with stage get to which it can’t be considered in charge of, or other constrained major deferrals, maintains all authority to broaden the circulation stage by 15 days so as to ensure supporters’ interest.

Delicate CAP: 1,500,000 USD

(in the event that the delicate top won’t be come to amid Pre-Distribution and Distribution, the assets will be returned)

HARD CAP: 15,000,000 USD

(once the hard-top is achieved, the gifts will be stopped)

Add up to SUPPLY 51,000,000 eQUOS

1% of assets raised will be given to magnanimous associations.

ICO and Team

SIDERA is fueled by Bitcoin/ERC-20 Wallet. It has in-assembled programming that empowers accepting of Bitcoin or existing token straightforwardly. The group incorporates specialists from fields like cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, digital resistance, open issues, advanced economy, business improvement, web-based social networking, advertising, blockchain innovation and cryptographic money.


SIDERA is a completely anchored gateway that depends on blockchain innovation and has progressed NFC module for quick and safe POS installment choice. This decentralized framework is a total arrangement bundle that guarantees multi-layer security, value alarms, QR Generator, modified watch appearances and portable notices. Overall shopping with the ongoing trade is not any more a fantasy yet a reality and this has been conceivable just through open-source SIDERA stage.

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