1.pngRateonium is an exceptionally extensive documenting framework that can be redone for every client gathering, enabling buyers to associate with the business much better than anyone might have expected. Its straightforward outline incorporates a fundamental calculation that enables clients to furnish audits with more pertinent substance. Distinctive dialects ​​combined with worldwide accomplice associations help guarantee that the Greensonium biological community is constantly differentiated and dynamic.

Rateonium is an exceptionally far reaching rankings framework that can be altered for each gathering of customers so purchasers can discuss preferable with each other over in advance of. It has a straightforward outline with a simple calculation that gives clients a chance to give surveys more appropriate substance. An assortment of dialects ​​in cumulation with ecumenical accomplice organizations profit find out that the Rateonium biological system will dependably be different and energetic.

Rateonium assembles abstract and solitary customer data for the association, while the client concerned is allowed meanwhile as the Rateonium money using a customized count.

A blockchain-based, anonymised client organization audit framework worked by means of the Rateonium stage. Rateonium is utilizing blockchain innovation to make new skylines for the administration of client organization connections. The stage interfaces items and administrations obtained with a consequent client audit process. Client audits of items and administrations are in charge of the long haul accomplishment of an organization. New leads depend on client assessments, not on corporate correspondence. Excessively couple of clients compose subjective surveys, which implies that there is no reasonable information on which new leads may base their choice. Likewise, there is no all inclusive dynamic confirmation framework to demonstrate the credibility of client appraisals. Rateonium gathers subjective and singular purchaser information for organizations, while the individual customer is remunerated in the meantime with the Rateonium money by methods for a robotized calculation. Rateonium offers its clients a cutting edge buy involvement with an application controlled by metadata – free from control and information abuse. We bolster our Rateonium business customers by executing present day, long haul quality and client relationship administration forms in the stage.

Rateonium clients will have the capacity to rate items and administrations offered by various organizations and get rewards. The Rateonium arrangement anticipates that a check framework will guarantee that no evaluating is presented on dishonor the organization.

Points of interest of the APP RATEONIUM SYSTEM

Application System Based on Blockchain Technology From RATEONIUM NETWORKS and Offers the Highest User Comfort in Combination with Multi-Layered Functions

The Rateonium application is at the center of a creative rating structure. It contains all limits, for instance, association situating or the Around Me work. All together not to execute the improvement masterminded by Rateonium, this application is open as a free download for each customer later on.

After the customer has made his record and individual data has been mixed by the RATE-SAFE process, customers can get to all application domains.

This empowers him to see neighboring diner reviews and stamp them as overviews that help or explain self-saw organizations.

Likewise, every customer can check their Rateonium modify tokens right now on a consolidated Rateonium wallet and take a gander at prizes that can at display be traded.

To manufacture the step by step rating development, customers in like manner watch their situating stood out from various customers. Clearly the name being alluded to is encoded by their exceptional number and might be revealed in accordance with the customer. Trades between customers are similarly possible. A one of a kind segment is the Rateonium blessing work. The social wander has the probability to be joined into the chase as a present blessing wander. Thusly, every customer has the probability to trade Rateonium to the best possible wander and to encourage the endeavor.

Rateonium Card:

The Rateonium card grants most prominent protection of set away tokens. All limits that change the status of customer tokens (for example: trades, trades to RTC or prize recovery) must be checked with an individual QR code on the card.

The customer should simply open the application, enter the mystery word and breadth the QR code. To ensure that a rating is simply given at the region where the organization is really felt, the customer must affirm the purchase before sending a review. Consequently, the Rateonium card is simply separated at the checkout. By virtue of online purchases, the application can be used as a scanner.


The Rateonium App is at the center of an innovative situating system. It contains all limits, for instance, association situating or the Around Me work. All together not to wipe out the advancement orchestrated by Rateonium, this application is available as a free download for each customer later on. After the customer has made his record and individual data has been encoded by the RATE-SAFE process, customers can get to all application domains. This empowers him to see nearby restaurant overviews and stamp them as reviews that help or elucidate self-saw organizations.


These days, data is seen as gold web and is available wherever on the planet at the right cost – to the hindrance of customers, whose insurance is attacked. The Sales and Marketing Department uses this data to change prospects into customers with centered progressions. Rateonium makes a natural framework among buyers and associations that deals with introduce day demands for singular uprightness in the advanced age, free from control and with the most shocking thankfulness for data security.


Suddenly, true blue studies were made possible regardless of what you look like at it for associations in the Rateonium rating structure, and market twistings that could be caused by manhandle of reviews were neutralized by general society.


Since the establishment of Rateonium, the gathering has worked all through the world to manufacture an arrangement of sweeping business associates. In the meantime they have joint effort on five terrains which fuse for example the gastronomic section, neighborhood and long division action, the flight business, blockchain-based endeavors, the auto business and the development and motel industry.


Rateonium offers its customers a front line purchasing learning with applications reinforced by metadata – free from data control and misuse. The Rateonium cooperation orchestrate is supported by the usage of present day customer relationship organization and whole deal quality methods on the stage. The Rateonium rating system outfits customers with various gadgets to make emotional examinations.

ICO Information and Tokens

Token: RTC

Stage: Ethereum

Sort: ERC20

PreICO value: 1 RTC = 0.000091 ETH

Costs at ICO: 1 RTC = 0,000182 ETH

Reward: Pre Sale: half 1. Deal Token: 40% 2. Deal Token: 30% 3. Deal Token: 20% 4. Deal Token: 10% Token available to be purchased: 665,414,296

Min. venture: 0.2 ETH

Get: ETH

Conveyed in ICO: 83%

Delicate stamp: 32,000 ETH

Hard stamp: 84,234 ETH

WEBSITE: https://rateonium.com/
whitepaper: https://rateonium.com/whitepaper.pdf
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Rateonium/
Twiter: https://twitter.com/ @rateonium
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/rateonium

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