Hello all fans of PHILANTHOR (PTH) and bitcoin crypto fans. Are you healthy and happy? Just say hello and give a little review for the ICO project based on the phenomenon of the gift of mania or gift hunter on the largest and official bitcointalk website. What is this project? Yes, the project called “PHILANTHOR” or PTH is the ERC20 Standard Token on the Ethereum blockchain, fully compatible with all Ethereum wallets that have ERC20 Token and smart contract support using ERC20 Standard. Can be used as coins, certificates, IOU, in game credits, currencies for services, etc. It does not have its own value but works hard to change this aspect by developing various services for PTH to make requests for tokens and hopefully increase that value. Because this project aims to advance the future of PHILANTHOR, these  coins or tokens are directly and free of charge for all people who are often called bounty hunters on the bitcointalk forum who want to participate in introducing and supporting this project in the form of gifts. And some of the bounty programs provided are also varied and very many. In the form of twitter bounties, Facebook, videos, logo contests, blogs or articles and signature campaigns. And all the information you can see and join on the following link  JOIN  All IOIC projects may have different foundations and concepts, but after I saw this project, I became interested because most of the tokens will be distributed free of charge to all who want to join and donate some great idea to build and make this project Big and famous. So don’t ever hesitate to give your ideas into this project, and who knows you can succeed with PTH PHILANTHOR  

Token Sales

Token Philanthor or PTH can be used to contribute or contribute back. Likewise, they are invested in projects that can be given back to the community. To join in the noble cause again the way to give back and improve the world for the better, here are the sales details you need to hear:

Ticker: PTH

Pre-sale price: 1 ETH = 15,000PTH

Harga ICO: 1 ETH = 10.000 PTH

Hard Cap: 20.000.000 USD

Bonus: 10 to 50% depending on the period of participation

For other details, such as the date of sale, the results of the white list return to routine.

For more information and details about the project, find them with a website or read their white book. Updated for current events that occur during ICO with their web pages.

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