ERN Token – Revolutionizing and rewarding the audio sharing platform through the use of Blockchain

As we all know, the media platforms industry was a billion dollar industry and that includes soundtracks, music videos and ordinary people that upload their videos and as well as podcasts which where you will estimate, the congregation of these copyrighted materials will be worth billions of dollars. But with all of these technological advancements, do you earn money or cryptocurrency from it? No right? Because most of these platforms will even charge you to buy their materials. There are platforms as well where it is free to listen to the uploaded materials but you which is the viewer will be the one to view the advertisements being sent by these advertisers running their ads on the free platform. Only the owner of the platform will earn and not you.
This is where the ERN platform was being visioned by the team of crypto enthusiasts and blockchain experts which I know are the people with integrity and expert in their fields of work. Presenting to you guys, the team behind ERN project who are visionaries as well:
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First of all, what is ERN?
-> ERN is the token of the ListERN platform and the coin that circulates around the ListERN audio sharing platform. It is a cryptocurrency with a specific supply and price for the creators, viewers, and advertisers use as an economic exchange for the different products that I will discuss below.
The different types of media materials that can be shared in the ERN platform could range from songs, voice clips, podcasts, audiobooks and other audio materials.
With this platform, ordinary people can publish and have the world see their content worldwide thru the ERN platform. I believe that having the blockchain to reward and make people earn aside from their job is the best part of it. Audiobooks are especially in demand because people want to listen mostly than to read as it is straining to the eyes. Imagine, just by listening to songs and learning through the voice clips and audiobooks, you just not learn more but you also earn! Talk about a quality project!
As we all know whether we are new or a veteran in the cryptocurrency field, we all heard of the words “mining”, “proof-of-work” etc. This is the way ERN are being mined and earned in this project.
There are coins and tokens that takes a lot of Energy and electricity plus the mining rigs to get setup and mine the precious token/coin that other people are mining. But in ERN, the developers and community managers believe that we can earn and help save the environment as well without consuming a massive amount of energy to mine those tokens/coin.
This is where the Minde Pocket Miner was conceptualized and born.
The Minde pocket-miner has 4 super powerful features that would literally want you to carry this device wherever you go!
  1. Pocket sized mining device perfect for traveling –> As you can see, it almost looks like any other mobile phone device but wait! This is a powerful mining device specifically designed to mine ERN tokens and keep the network of the ERN platform secured! Because the more people are using the ERN Minde pocket-miner, the more transactions can be verified and more people will be incentivized by the platform.
  2. Cryptocurrency hardware digital wallet – You heard it right! With the use of ERN, you can store not just the ERN token but also other ERC-20 compatible tokens as well and the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the market such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and many more!
  3. Powerbank function – With ERN’s Minde Pocket miner, you may also use its feature being a power bank. How cool is that! With the pocket-miner, you could charge your other mobile phones that you are using for trading or for social media. That’s battery sustainability at its finest. Why buy separate power bank if the Minde pocket-miner gives you the ways to earn as well as the feature to make your mobile devices on the go!
  4. 4G LTE connection plus WiFI hotspot connectivity – With the Minde pocket-miner, you can have redundant connections through the internet with this device. It can connect many devices to connect to the internet with the fastest speeds. Whether it be a laptop or mobile device, The pocket-miner never ceases to amaze us.
With all those revolutionary and innovative ways to incentivize and make the audio sharing industry fun, exciting and all with a win-win situation in this project! All will be happy.
Let me also show you the roadmap, how the ERN tokens are formed and distributed within the ERN Project.
For the minting, distribution and rewards system of the ERN project here is the flowchart of it:
For the roadmap, here is their Progress and vision for the future of ERN. They even plan to have an independent blockchain for the ERN project in the upcoming future.
And their token sale that has a huge upside potential and bonuses! Wow!
token sale.JPG
For more information about the ERN project, you may visit these websites and their social media accounts for more details as well:
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