Nowadays, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a person who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin or blockchain. The topic is extremely popular and attracts widespread attention. Even many people who previously proclaimed that Bitcoin is valueless and who had compared it with Dutch tulip mania have started to change their minds and the reason may be to do with astonishing growth numbers. Total crypto market capitalisation has experienced immense growth of more than 105 times over the period from February 2015 to February 2018, from $ 4,23 billion to $ 448,14 billion. In the same period, According to: the number of crypto tokens has grown from 510 to more than 1500. Many average Johns built themselves a fortune by buying coins and participating in ICOs sometimes with 1000x annual returns. It is the new Gold Rush and many people want to participate. And now i want to introduce one of those gold. Thats SGAME PRO.

The gaming industry is not just gameplay, it’s also developers, publishers of games and gaming platforms that are actively earning on advertising and players who are not against paying for a good game. But it never occurred to you why in the gaming industry everyone earns, except for its key element – the players?

SgamePro will be the solution in the field of mobile gaming, which we will talk about today, and which will give its users among players the opportunity to earn crypto currency by simply playing games, and will open many other opportunities not only for players but also for other industry players.

About SGame Pro

SgamePro is a mobile gaming aggregator platform that includes many components aimed at different players in the mobile gaming industry – players, publishers, as well as infusers and entrepreneurs. An innovative solution of the project in launching its own crypto currency – SGM tokens, on which the whole economy of the platform will be built.

The project was launched in 2016, thanks to which in 2017 its creators managed to launch the Alpha version of the application, which was downloaded by about 50,000 people, despite the fact that no money was spent on the marketing campaign. But now part of the marketing company was Felix Arvid Ulf Chelberg, better known as PewDiePie – the most popular YouTube blogger with more than 60 million subscribers, whose video, by the way, is mostly game-oriented.

We will try to briefly talk about all the features of the SgamePro solution, about the benefits they will bring to each of the platform participants and the industry as a whole.

The ability to make money on games

First of all, SgamePro is a platform in which all the most popular mobile games will be collected, as well as new games from well-known gaming publishers. Therefore, players will have access to a huge catalog of mobile games, among which you can choose the right one.

Why mobile games? The answer is very simple. If we take the volume of the game industry market over the past year, which amounted to $ 108.9 billion, then games on the PC and browser games take only 27%, console games – 31%, and mobile – 42%, given that 32 games fit for smartphones %, and on tablet games -10% of the market.

All these figures are the profits of game publishers and developers, but not of players, so SgamePro’s solution is aimed at giving players the opportunity to earn money during the game process. The currency will be SGM tokens, which can be stored both in Swallet’s internal purse and ERC-20 external purse.

Like Proof of Work, Proof of Play will function in SgamePro, the protocol responsible for checking the spent playing time, for which SGM tokens will be credited. The more time a player will spend playing mobile games through SgamePro, the more tokens he will receive. In fact, it will look like Mining Play blocks.

SGM tokens are the only payment method on the platform, so players can earn tokens within the platform on its marketplace, at the publisher’s store, or use it to conduct battles with other players, which, incidentally, will be discussed next.

Plus, in any case, SGM is a crypto currency, which, due to the growing number of users on the platform, will grow in price due to the increase in demand. Therefore, earning money on games will be an ideal way to become a participant in the crypto-currency market, even for those players who do not understand anything about it.

Quite naturally the question arises – why should the platform pay players for what they are doing every day? The thing is that the platform’s profit will mainly depend on advertising, which, as you know, pops up in every game and in every application, because their creators need to take money somewhere, which, in turn, strongly irritates the players .

The solution is very simple – SgamePro just to share a part of the profit it gets for providing advertising space, so, on the one hand, users are more comfortable with advertising in applications, which plays into the hands of the platform, and on the other hand – earn SGM tokens motivation to use SgamePro.


One of the key problems in the gaming industry market is that, despite the fact that most of the profit comes from multiplayer games (multiplayer games), which in their essence are competitive, their share among all games is only 22%.

In this regard, the creators of SgamePro have developed the following solution – to transform single-player games into asynchronous multiplayer, so that players can compete even in games in which this was not originally envisaged.

Asynchrony of multiplayer is that players do not compete directly in real time, but fight in turn, so the victory depends on the individual outcome of each player. So, the participants of SgamePro can compete as 1 on 1, and 1 against 100.

Battles in SgamePro can be as public, when a player competes with random users, where each for himself and private – with the ability to choose a specific opponent, for example, a friend playing 1 on 1. In this case, for each win the player will have to pay a small commission. If the player wins, for example, 10 tokens, you will have to give 0.5 SGM to the gaming publisher and 0.5 SGM – the SgamePro platform itself.



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