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digital economy and finance in Islam.

 ISLAM is a religion that is complete with laws and procedures in daily life. The case is in the trade law and enlarges as in the ADAB SOLUTION project. This finance is felt by intergovernmental and international organizations as a form of financial mediation, which has great potential to fortify the relationship between financial institutions and authentic economics. The possibility of Islamic finance to expand the inclusiveness of financial accommodation and achieve progress in general welfare is plenary in line with the ecumenical development goals of the Amalgamated Nations.
Many views and problems have arisen in the electronic Mazama involution that many Muslims believe believes the cryptocurrency is Haram or halal which shun shari’a law but briefly some Islamic practitioners believe in the view of sharia if buying and selling Mazuma electronics and also for mining is not Haram. According to sharia if anyone who has obtained Mazuma electronics in a legitimate way can use them permitted. To implement this and the Halal project brings out the concept of ken has the ADAB Solution.

What is ADAB Cryptocurrency Solution? 
The Adab solution project is developing What will be called the first Islamic crypto exchange based on sharia norms. This platform is raised as an exchange and accommodation that complies with sharia norms and operates on Islamic principles, by creating accommodation based on high moral and cultural values ​​of Islam and providing access to all crypto-economic users. The Islamic crytocurency platform produced by the adab solution will implement the possibility of buying ADAB tokens by users during the ICO. This platform will solve confusion over crypto currency transactions, providing crypto currency market access for Muslims, which is about 22% of the world’s population and managing Islamic financial finances.
Features and steps in implementing the Adab cryptocureency solution project are Halal.

  1. They will be perfect and pass the expert judgment of Islam on compliance with sharia law
  2. They will arrange the sharia supervisory board under the first exchange of the Islamic crpto
  3. They will adhere to documents and procedures, prepared on the substrate from a typical analysis that regulates the work of the company with crypto assets in accordance with Islamic norms.
  4. They will make public perception or their company image become good.
  5. Their main activity is maslahah (remunerative benefit for all) while haram elements (haram) None or only minutes. Their activities were commented on and also combined the benefits of gregarious investment and development opportunities based on the distribution of profits and losses for various entrepreneurs and investors.
  6. Their level of interest will not exceed the law set by SAC. 
    Paramountcy invests in this platform The
    main virtue  of investing in this platform is because it will promote crowd funding from an Islamic perspective whose benefits are the outline below:
  7. Operates based on the distribution of profits and losses required by Islamic financial principles
  8. Promote innovation
  9. Promote job creation
  10. Supporting company enlargement and future IPO sanctions in the incipient sector
  11. Minimize risk by dividing capital into several start ups
  12. Open a new asset class for small and medium investors and specify;
  13. Providing access to capital for various entrepreneurs thus reducing the funding gap.


The focal point of the ADAB arrangement is the business for the partipants and their uniqueness.

  1. This stage has become a large group of 1,800,000 potential Muslim users from ecumenical digital currency exhibitions
  2. In terms of business profitability, Adab business arrangements consist of the most astonishing security standards and have one of the special types of elements.
  3. With a quality framework in the light of the standard promotion of Islamic standards of Islamic funds that will be accepted by ADAB Solutins as the direction of self digital f mazuma advertise and to build caliber confidences in mazuma cryptographic main instructors.
  4. Full transaparency where it is possible to buy and offer digital currency for cash trading.


ADAB’s arrangement is a business for Muslims and an Islamic block chain startup and is an open commercial center for every individual who needs to produce a legitimate innovation business. They adaptively fill in as a key in creating structures that will set new moral steps to collaborate in business, as well as the primary responsibility for activity makers. ADAB is a lifestyle in Islam, which accommodates the establishment of a cog business that is indispensable.

Future market plan for ADAB solutions




https: // adabsolutions .com /pdf/WhitePaper_of_ADAB_Solutions.pdf

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