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Tokeneo platform 

is a cryptocurrency exchange that pays dividends for each TEO token holder. Trading platform where each user can participate in its development, influence it and achieve mutual success.
Tokeneo is a highly sophisticated exchange of crypto currencies whose community has 90% of Ethereum-based TEO tokens. Tokeneo investors are compensated with 50 percent of income, paid every day.

We started the idea of ​​launching the Tokeneo project in early 2018 when we started raising funds for the purpose of the Cryptoinvestia Open Electronic Fund. We have no choice but to choose to output at the same time adopt low risk and high potential assets. At present, there are only a few projects that can give investors an absolute promise about future peak exchange rates.

To protect the interests of individuals who need to allocate funds to us, we decided to establish a trading floor where shareholders are involved in the sharing of profits by dividing part of the accumulated funds. That’s right. It will be made.

What is the purpose of tokeneo?

Aiming to protect in the best possible way, the interests of individuals who want to entrust their capital to us, we decide to allocate a portion of the accumulated funds for the construction of a trading platform whose shareholders will participate in the distribution of profits generated by it. .

characteristic features

Tokeneo is a decentralized platform for exchanging crypto currencies. The Singer Team has released the TEO marker The Occurrence of Ethereum. According to team members, the community will have 90% of tokens, and investors will be paid 50% of the profits (daily payments). This platform must offer a minimum of 25 crypto currency markets. Tokeneo users will have access to all three types of orders: Market orders for review of purchases and sales, purchases and sales limits, stop-loss orders and AGRO from profits. The team will also launch TokeneoCash: an exchange office for user reviews that CANNOT process the verification process.

Apart from the current dominant trend of the money market, it is well known that the exchange market continues to increase revenue and income in the token market. Continuous improvement. Looking at the disparity in the market, we decided to develop the Tokeneo platform which is an electronic money exchange that pays periodic dividends to investors who have the TEO code. A detailed description and main objectives of this project are in this document.

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What is TOKENEO?

The basic idea behind Tokeneo is to build an electronic money trading platform that allows people to participate in its development, influence its shape and contribute fully to its success. On the basis of partners

We consider that the solution applied to the market is too shallow and not enough to achieve this goal. Therefore, we develop our own models according to investors. Join a public offering. It takes time to develop not only speculative goals but also projects.

When Tokeneo built a unique crypto trading platform where investors were considered partners, we got information about how the ecosystem grew market share. The basic idea behind this project is that the current market solution is incomplete and mostly shallow. In other words, there is an established consumer base from the platform. Tokeneo is intended to be an excellent coding exchange that investors can have and provide great strength in ongoing project development.

Electronic trading based on the proposed Tokeneo community

Tokeneo users have the opportunity to freely trade 25 different token markets that guarantee liquidity thanks to the success of the ICO. This chosen market will be updated based on current industry ideas and forecasts, including being an upscale market and focusing on exciting technologies in the future. Exceptional ability to accept and grow. Tokeneo is dedicated to supporting innovative projects with long-term development plans and strategies and a solid foundation.

Some types of orders are available from the start including trading on the market, trading in margins, making profits and generating profits. The first package is enough for most investors to use the Tokeneo platform. However, there are special platform plans with more transaction options, which also enhance the overall user experience.

Tokeneo also plans to start the Tokeneo Cash exchange for customers who wish to remain anonymous when making transactions. This exchange is available online and supports anonymous transactions to a certain extent.

This model has been developed so that each user can use energy for a project that is developed, and it attaches to the user not only for speculative purposes and operations but also for a long time. The decision to develop a profitable and profitable model, the exchange of profits in the market is the main task of the platform, the investor’s desire is more open and transparent. . We will instruct the professional team to work on project development.

Tokeneo’s source of income

Tokeno The main source of income that investors must know is direct and indirect income. Direct sources of income include the costs of all services provided by this exchange to customers. This direct service includes transaction fees, settlement fees, transaction fees and FIAT currency conversion fees. External revenue, on the other hand, includes trading, button and mining programs, partnerships, paid advertising, and other strategic partners.

At present, Tokeneo is the first Crypto currency exchange application on the market that has proposed an income distribution model.

ICO details

The default token is ERC20.

A token is a TOO symbol.

Accepted currencies are BTC, LSK, XLM, GELOMBANG, ETH and NEO.

The ICO will begin on September 24 and end on December 16, 2018.

Hat: $ 3 million

Hat: $ 10 million

The number of tokens issued is 100,000,000.

Sale: 80 000 000
For the development team: 10,000,000
For partners and investors: 8 000 000
The bonus program is 2 000 000

Project Team


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