in this article I will discuss what new innovations are and pioneer this path and I will appreciate your position with
Thanks to the world of technology that blends with the company’s ideas to make it possible for this platform to succeed and survive in the rival wilderness with extraordinary efforts, as the cornerstone and rapid transformation to evolve.
Blockchain is the cornerstone of modern innovation and has the potential to revolutionize the world. Recognizing this potential, we at Bithemoth have formed a professional team of budding entrepreneurs and experienced investors to create a comprehensive blockchain trading platform. Because the cryptocurrency is designed for mainstream adoption, our platform will be a stop-shop for clients who intend to generate large profits on investment. We will create an easy-to-use system that combines traditional markets and blockchain-based assets.
 ArtPro is a market for private dealers and contemporary artists. This connects artists and buyers while paying excessive fees and intermediaries. 
  The ArtPro platform will open the world of art to the masses, enabling anyone to find and buy online art without excessive fees, intermediaries, and steep learning curves that traditionally make art only available to the special and the good. connected. Provenance certificates, stored on the blockchain, prove the authenticity of each artwork on the ArtPro platform, but that’s just the beginning. 
 Role of Art
Art serves two functions: as a commodity for investment purposes and as collectible for its aesthetic value. This use case is not mutually exclusive and there is a significant level of overlap. As it stands, the collection of art is limited to a group of elite investors with knowledge and wealth to participate in the market. 
Art has long been valued more than its beauty. From Old Masters to contemporary works, art has been used as a wealth store for people who want to invest in assets that are largely immune to financial market movements. The title chain, however, is as valuable as the work itself with complete evidence relating to higher returns.
ArtPro application.
As much as 30% of all art sales are believed to involve fake pieces. Authenticity, lack of origin, forgery, and attribution of Deloitte Art & Finance Report 2017 ‘as’ the biggest threat to art market reputation’.
The online art market has not reached maturity and efforts to promote its growth have been in vain because buyer concerns have not been addressed. The lack of transparency surrounding conditions and prices, the lack of information available to educate buyers about art and the reliability of authenticity of a piece has prevented conversions between browsers and buyers.
 ArtPro makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell artwork through the web. A user-friendly platform utilizes the many benefits of blockchain technology, allowing ArtPro to restore the long-lost trust of the art industry. Instead of relying on third-party authentication, ArtPro supports a consensus mechanism that provides a safe and decentralized system.
AVAILABLE WORKS CATALOG The ArtPro platform offers works from emerging and established artists. Whether you are a collector or investor, ArtPro has something for you.
PROVENANCED digital certificates stored on blockchain provide complete origin for each work of art on the ArtPro platform.
USER RANKING SYSTEM The ArtPro Market uses a ranking system to encourage transparency, set standards for buyers and sellers and encourage confidence.
As the world’s first blockchain, a better online art market, ArtPro believes that modern technology solutions occur in this ancient industry. Through the introduction of transparency and continuity, they can build a reliable market based on trust and direct cooperation.
  • Name of Token – APT
  • Token type + designation = ERC20, utility
  • Number of printed tokens – 500,000,000
  • Unsold Tokens – Burned
  • Public selling price – $ 0.15
  • Pre-sale price – $ 0.1
  • Currency received by ETH
  • Soft / Hard cap-  $ 5m / $ 20m
  • Team lockup – Tebing six months, two years vesting
  • Locking advisor – Cliff six months, vesting six months
  • 35% Pre-sale
  • 20% Founder & Advisor
  • 15% Crowdsale Public
  • 17% ArtPro Investment Fund
  • 10% New Developers & Artists
  • 3% Airdrop & Bug Bounty
JULY 2017 
Inception platform ArtPro
Work starts for the core team
Official UK entity registration: ArtPro LTD platform
MAY 2018
Public release of the website and ArtPro whitepaper
Q3 2018Presale – Crowdsale ICO
Q1 2019
Launch of Beta MVP
Q2 2019
MVP lunch with partnering galleries & artists
Q4 2019
Introduction to augmented reality to the platform
Q2 2020
ArtPro’s first art exhibition in London
Q1 2021
ArtPro collector publication publication every three months
Q4 2021
Released ArtPro art investment fund
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