Transport trade with blockchain technologies.

At the level of technological progress, there is no doubt that the world has become a global village where every action taken is not without the help of the internet. From communication to business, sports, and all the activities we do. Innovation has been done in many fields, the transaction now is the problem of pin punch-in and the rest is history.

The size of the transportation industry is very large and productive, but even at that time, it was the most advanced in terms of technology. Paper works are still used to document and collect information, and courier services are still used to send train mail and information, making shipping complicated and expensive. Because of this problem, the sender and the customer of the service have declined, and for this reason, CargoCoin is here.

CargoCoin in its efforts to improve transportation systems to meet rapid technological improvements has created blockchain facilities that have improved the transportation industry’s shipping aspect into an online transportation system.

Services provided by CargoCoin extend to goods producers, ship owners, those who rent boats for supply. This really has long relieved the stress and struggles faced by international entrepreneurs and women who use shipping as a means of transporting their goods. Delivery quality is greatly increased because CargoCoin has a blockchain facility that functions like a robot, this is used for ordering, it also provides real-time tracking of ships, cargo and wholesale online transactions in real-time, even without the parties involved. themselves physically.

CargoCoin through its order has been able to help senders from any country in the world to see the ships available for their goods and also combine them with shipowners if they find the boat of their choice. What has CargoCoin done for the transportation delivery system cannot be overemphasized, and the good news? There is almost no cost at all, the convenience and convenience in which goods are shipped from seller to buyer is mind-blowing.

What does CargoCoin solve?

  • Reducing
    Cargo fraud  Coin minimizes fraud risk and, in many cases, completely removes it, does not release any payment until the conditions previously set by the partner are fully met.
  • CargoCoin cost reduction  reduces costs, compared to a high percentage, that banks, brokers, agents, lanes, ports, customs brokers, couriers, insurance companies, etc. Fill in the entire process.
  • Minimize delays 
    Cargo Coins will avoid delays by facilitating instant exchanges, review and approval of documents and payments between parties involved in smart contracts.
  • Growing trust in 
    CargoCoin depends on the public sector infrastructure of the Ethereum blockchain, which is supported by thousands of people in a decentralized peer-to-peer infrastructure.
  • CargoCoin information  guarantee is guaranteed naturally. This has been proven based on hash algorithm technology from block chains without the possibility of data leakage.
  • CargoCoin safe storage  not only allows complete historical storage of all transactions, but also depends on it, thus avoiding the risk of physical loss or destruction of paper documents

Stress because it has to go through paper work and long information processing has been short-lived. With CargoCoin, orders for ships and goods can be made online even from the comfort of your home and items sent in the near future. Shipping of goods may not be better.
On the CargoCoin platform, ship owners and ship charterers and join together provide answers to each other’s needs. On platforms made by CargoCoin, shipowners can upload information on their available ships and the prices at which they go. On the other hand, vessel tenants get fast and accurate information about available ships and their prices and can make orders.

Apart from this, CargoCoin will go further to eradicate many problems through the following ways:

  • Reducing opportunities for crime
  • reduce costs
  • minimize setbacks
  • This is flexible and confidential
  • obtain and secure information
  • safe filing: ensure that information about direct ship shipments from the start to the present is safe and easily accessible.


The company roadmap is all about preparation, development, implementation and marketing. The company should be in full swing and all functioning by year 2023.


CargoCoin through the blockchain technology ecosystem has succeeded in ending the problems faced by the sender, making the delivery of goods large or small, easy and convenient for the parties involved.

Platform Token Details : Ethereum
Total Token: 100,000,000
Initial Token Price: $ 0.5000
Funds in Escrow? Yes,
Currencies Received: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, DASH, XRP, XMR, ETC

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