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 The World’s Fastest Exchange Platform

Together with our team, we developed the first cryptocurrency exchange from a multi-functional ecosystem, combining reliable exchange platforms and decentralized blockchain protocols where digital tokens related to US dollars and reserve assets are maintained that Coinolix Exchange Limited is now gold for providing value exchange methods decentralized through our Coinia coin, related to Fiat. 
Coinolix Exchange Limited Cryptocurrency Net Exchange. 
On the market today, there are two types of trade: foreign exchange and foreign exchange. We will only focus on exchanging pure cryptocurrency. 
Solution with crypto currency which refers to Fiat Coinamia Fiat Coin (USDC).
Peer cryptocurrency system, in accordance with the agreement at the conclusion of the agreement to ensure network security. Each unit of USDC coins, released in circulation is maintained at a ratio of one to one (that is, one dollar is one dollar) in the reserve asset in accordance with the coinolix bank Limited title.

Business structure must be developed from the beginning, with top priority is security, efficiency, speed and adaptability. Many exchanges often choose the simplest way to manage frames. Although this works perfectly at the beginning, when the activity grows, the structure will not be ready to take into account the extended network load. This often retreats from the main exchange promotion, but it is very important to achieve long-term goals.

Because the cryptographic business is very new, it does not quite match liquidity. The presence of unreasonable book publications implies significant slippage in cryptocurrency trading, which is very expensive for traders.

Security platform 
Almost all non-cryptocurrency currencies can change after a transaction is made because the market refuses to be responsible for the transaction. There are several exchanges that have experienced a decline due to piracy.

There is an advanced achievement that the exchange will be useful in recognition of the hacking effort. However, improvements to this path as long as exchanges cannot access it, which means that they can practically all programmers pass through the security framework.

Poor Customer Support Traders are another type when it comes to users. Understanding problems with users is very important for successful exchanges. When exchanging such demonstrations in a way that undermines the operator’s credibility, it will become unacceptable, leading to complaints from users.

Language Support 
The cryptocurrency market has no restrictions. Most exchanges focus only on one dialect or country, which results in weak support for this international market.

Bank bank barriers  also hamper unlimited trading options due to the volatile situation of the Cryptocurrency currency market. The bank places them behind the burner when it comes to verifying and verifying the user’s personal data.

Coinolix Exchange

Coinolix Exchange machines are suitable for managing 1,200,000 orders per second. A large number of commercial applications can be removed with machines that can be adjusted and can be upgraded in minutes. In this sense, our coordinated machines can be installed on one of the fastest and most reliable machines on the market today. Thus, traders can avoid major problems, such as blocked business requests or boring offers.


Trading on the Market 
Spot Margins  Language Support 
Futures Trading  We support English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean languages ​​on all our user interfaces. (The most original version will only be in English and Russian.)

Additional languages ​​will be added over time.

24/7 Customer Support: 
On the contrary, to provide customers with previously designed scenarios, we prefer to support and share the responsibilities that will be distributed among our employees and the company so that certain customer issues can be resolved by the designated official for the matter.

Security Protection against DDoS attacks: due to high traffic activity, exchange services are regularly exposed to DDoS attacks. We use a secure distribution network from a CDN (Content Network Distribution) distribution server that can successfully download a large number of database queries at any time to support e-commerce services 24/7.

Exchange Audit: Our target research vulnerability team will monitor the execution time of the platform to avoid attacks that may occur without defense. We will also consider additional security measures because market allocations will develop in the future.

Encryption and backup. We will use sophisticated encryption policies and strengthen information every day to ensure the security of all user data. Such an approach, which consists of a decentralized base, will enable us to provide information to our clients even in the immediate results expected by hypothetical pirate attacks.

Two-factor authentication: By applying two-factor authentication to usernames and passwords to protect users from phishing sites and email vulnerabilities.

Detail Token CLX

The CLX Token is the standard ERC20 tag from the Ethereum Blockchain. This is a multiparty task that can be used as an exchange rate, as well as payment of transaction fees, trading fees, withdrawal fees, registration fees for Coinolix Exchange.
Coinolix Token.jpg

Pre-sale details

In advance for sale in detail

Crowdsale ICO in detail

ICO crowdsale Detail.jpg

Token Distribution

Distribution of Token.jpg

Use of Funds in detail

Use of the Foundation

Buy back & burn the program

• For each quarter, use 20% of Coinolix money changers sold to CLX coins sold in ICO and burned. 
• The Coin Return CLX program will continue until 60% of the CLX coins are issued. 
• CLX Program Coin Buy Back & Burn starts in Q3 2019.
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