Imperium Platform is an exchange platform and design lender to help people who regularly make money investing and trading electronic money using AI (artificial intelligence). The team behind the Imperium platform has invested in electronic money since 2012. We have been involved in ICOs such as ETH, NEO, Omisego, and the list goes on and on. We know and understand what works in cryptographic space and what does not.

Grade hierarchy

Imperium platform is 100% hierarchical. Users will never have to provide any kind of personal information other than their email address and password.

Crowd Wisdom

Our foundation combines the artificial intelligence + human behavior that made the Imperium platform the first self-taught exchange platform in the code.

Reward MeAchanism

Users who join and hold the Imperium Tokens will benefit in three ways:

1. Each month, 30% of our net exchange earnings will be distributed to users who hold more than 100 IMP tokens. Example: If the net profit is $ 20 million dollars and there are 120 million IMP Tokens. If you hold 1,000 IMPs, your reward will be $ 50USD. The more IMP Token you hold + the higher our net profit = the bigger the reward for you. Rewards will be paid by ETH when the Imperium platform is running on Ethereum’s blockchain.

2. You can earn points by using our loan system. To launch the new program, Imperium Platform will launch three packages of loans: S-100 (100 IMP); S-400 (400 IMP) and S-2000 (2,000 IMP) with a monthly interest rate of up to 5% (depending on the rating package and the term you selected). You will be able to select multiple packages and terms of loan. For example; If you have 2000 IMP and interest is 10%, at the end of your Term you will have 2200 IMP.

3. You can earn rewards for introducing people to Imperium Platfrom. Whenever people join the Imperium Platform through your referral link, use the Imperium Exchange or Lending system, and you will receive a reward. The more people you invite into the Imperium Platform ecosystem, the more rewards you will earn.


Imperium platform will be the first 100% of the decryption coding exchange using AI technology. As we are Malta based we have got all the necessary licenses and approvals to open and operate our exchange and lending platform with their full capabilities without any problems. .

The main objective of the Imperium Platform is to become one of the largest decentralized electronic money exchanges, providing users with fast and secure password exchange at low transaction costs. We understand that in order to do this, we need the support of our ICO participants and our future community members. That is why the Imperium Platform Tokens will benefit many IMP Tokens (Imperium Platform Tokens) owners.

The Imperium Platform Exchange will support trading pairs in the following currencies:


More money will be added as trading pairs based on community voting.

IMP Tokens

We will release a token named Imperium Platform Token. A strict limit of 115,298,080 IMPs will be created, never increased. IMP will run natively on blockchain Ethereum as ERC 20 Token.


• 50% ICO 57,649,040.00

• 24% Research and Development 27,671,539.20

• 15% Consultant (Granted within 4 years) 17,294,712.00

• 8% Presale 9,223,846,40

  • 3% & Airdrop Bonus Program 3,458,942,40

Website: https://theimperium.io/

VTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4890459

Bounty VTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5024641.0

Official report: https://twitter.com/ImperiumIO

Telegram: https://t.me/ImperiumPlatformIO

Whitepaper: http://theimperium.io/pdf/Imperium-Platform-Whitepaper%20English-V-1-0.pdf

Bitcointalk Username: Beat putih

Bitcointalk Profil Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1953434


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