FiiiCOIN Scalable and Energy Efficient Crypto Platform Review

Scalable and Energy Efficient Crypto Platform Review

What is FiiiCoin

Fiiicoin is a transaction system designed based on cellular mining where every smart phone user will be able to participate in maintaining a full chain-block network without relying on expensive mining machines and graphics cards. The main purpose of making this coin is to reuse current resources, especially cellphones to take part in the mining process. Even non-IT users or crypto fans who do not have money to invest can get rewards by only taking part in the cellular mining system.


FiiiCoin Mining System:

Smartphone devices are not good in mining because of their limited storage capacity, weak computing power, low batteries because which mobile devices are unable to maintain a block chain network 24/7. To synchronize data on a block-chain system cellular network requires 4G technology and if we run the node then the cellphone can solve all the bandwidth in a short time. Fiiicoin mining consensus is proof of capacity and evidence of delegated capacity algorithms that will achieve cellular mining and allow cellphones to fully synchronize with their networks.


FiiiCoin Network Architecture:

Fiicoin is a peer to peer network architecture that will be constantly connected with multiple nodes to synchronize data in the same network. P2P means that the node connected to the server has the same privileges and communication capabilities that it has in a flat topology. This will also provide other additional services to the routing system that will improve the performance of peer to peer networks and new nodes will be able to easily access other nodes in the network. The Fiioinoin network contains several master nodes that are distributed throughout the world and provide data synchronization services and help new nodes to find other nodes quickly.Similarly for bitTorent, it also has a global tracking system that eliminates all active nodes and provides all IP addresses to newly joined nodes.

FiiiCoin For Online Stores:

Fiiicoin is more than just a crypto wallet and offers you an easy way to shop online and make payments through the Fiiipay network. This exchange has multi-crypto transaction power capabilities and supports more than 1500 crypto coins. Their API is designed to be integrated with any online website and store and gives you an efficient method for sending and receiving online. The Bluetooth 4.0 beacon technology payment system will be used which will broadcast special payment charge data containing user identity information. The FiiiPOS terminal will detect the custom payment load and the request payment process.

Benefits of    FiiiCOIN

Benefits offered by FiiiCOIN have been registered to include the following: –
Cryptocurrency that is universally accepted and can be used every day –
Cryptocurrency that offers a reliable commercial base
mining – Super fast
Low attractive transaction costs – Prices not fluctuating or less volatile –
Network security that cannot be violated

Crypto FiiiEX Exchange:

FiiiEX is a crypto currency exchange that will allow users to trade crypto currencies online like other existing exchanges. Only the main different who will work under FiiiGroup and support FiiiPay and FiiiPOS through trading. Their exchange will be linked to their application to check the latest prices or trades simultaneously.

Coin Information:

Name Coin: Fiii
Total Supply: 5,000,000,000
Total Coin For Sale: 420,000,000
Launch Price: US $ 0,12
Soft Cap: US $ 15,000,000
Hard Cap: US $ 40,000,000

Coin distribution:


Team member:


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