SCAVO-from providing a smart solution to The issue of this production and consumption

SCAVO Technologies adalah Bisnis yang didirikan di Argentina Teknis Dalam pembangunan infrastruktur pusat data telekomunikasi untuk penambangan kripto, memanfaatkan sumber terbarukan.

Sustainable mining would be the most lucrative alternative for long-term gains and that’s the reason why our proposal is to reinforce the connection with investors through rules that are clear.

SCAVO Technologies, aside from providing a smart solution to The issue of this production and consumption of energy of this crypto mining plantation, by reducing the expense of energy into its highest expression, we create involvement from the industry more accessible and simpler for anybody wordlwide, irrespective of their understanding and wealth.
Involvement in making significant decisions that might influence the business, through the usage of clever contract voting.

To achieve the goals proposed in our growth, it had been Critical to operate on the idea of”Industry 4.0″; this will be to get the maximum level of automation and efficiency of the probable procedures for decision making. The guidelines which direct our proposal consider access to clean energy and also at a really low price, using industrial standard components for the fabrication and assembly of the various components which compose the crypto mining complex, energy efficiency along with the essential robustness to execute the crypto mining procedure in the long run.
Of access to power in competitive prices and so result in the principle of decentralization in addition to ease accessibility to using technologies into the public.

We know that invention throughout the present system is Something crucial, necessary and critical for crypto currencies and their technologies to be taken in a huge way. For this reason, it had been essential to align the growth of the various parts which form the crypto mining complicated into the idea of”Industry 4.0″.

At SCAVO Technologies we’ve developed distinct software/hardware Elements that automate many processes of this crypto mining complicated. These elements provide essential data in real time into the organization’s computing centre for decision making, while those procedures are fed back using their own and outside advice that can optimize and help predict specific behaviour in the future more accurately.

All this may be accomplished using complex technological procedures and industrial grade technologies.


To Be Able to carry out a large-scale job It Is Crucial to have Various tools like economical, physical, technological, individual, etc.. Through the various phases of Development and Research (R&D) SCAVO Technologies was able to forge different links with technology providers, producers and highly qualified employees in various areas of earth.

In Precisely the Same manner we expect to Have the Ability to establish a long term Connection with our investors which makes it possible for us to develop together through apparent stipulations.


The SCAVO Token will probably be completely backed from the mining equipment as Well as by additional gear that’s part of this renewable energy production plant which will exist at a real physical location generating crypto resources 24×7.

The SCAVO Token relies on a wise arrangement on the Ethereum network.

Each obtained token permits the holder to get the utilities This manner, the person who owns this SCAVO Token gets the right to receive earnings to the quantity of token he retains, for lifetime. It’s known as this, to the interval where operating expenses don’t exceed the proceeds to be obtained.


The procedure for obtaining specialized hardware to get crypto mining is Not something easy as a result of expanding demand in this previous time and in a number of occasions accessing it entails negotiating with various intermediaries that wind up making the purchase procedure more costly and all of the logistics which suggests a buy on a big scale.
Intervening procedures, SCAVO Technologies is enrolled from the importer/exporter recorder of Argentina. We’ve got agreements with distinct global transportation businesses at competitive wholesale prices.

Development process of this job itself since it will permit the growth of the organization’s different working models without being connected to conventional energy prices and to energy market changes or policies of electricity. Using renewable energies to the generation of power, enables to create this ecosystem in various areas of the world where electricity price is incompatible with the marketplace of crypto mining.


To Be Able to achieve a large scale crypto mining strategy, scalability Was a stage of consideration. For this, all of the construction and design guidelines of the various components allow for increased modularity. Blocks were created (in the subsystem level) in a standardized manner which lets the trade between some of these. At precisely the exact same time, becoming a modular procedure, they are imagined to have the ability to assemble different structures to include or eliminate capacity at a virtually infinite way (subject to the installation space of the complicated ).

For Example, the interconnection of electricity allows a horizontal and Vertical integration of the same being in a position to be linked with other Adjacent energy systems and also be connected to the usual energy system simultaneously.

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