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Cindx ICO

Good night, dear friends. CINDX is a universal solution for trading crypto assets that are simple, reliable, and efficient.

Cindex offers an evaluation system using trade history that ensures that you find the right manager for you. Here, all your crypto assets for management are permanently stored in your wallet. Decentralization and smart contracts allow you to manage your wallet without transferring funds to the manager. Investors join to synchronize their transactions with the best players on the market.

How does CINDX: 

Investors increase their crypto capital because of their effective asset management by a professional trader 

Traders get paid for success by building investors’ desire to understand markets and trading strategies. 

Sellers sell sophisticated tools for traders, such as trading robots and news feeds. 

CINDX generates Commissions for sales and subscribes to the terminal.

How it works


How does the platform work?

  • The capitalist will increase his scientific capital by managing his assets quickly through knowledgeable dealers.
  • How to trade deeply.
  • Advanced selling tools for merchants selling, such as robots and business news.
  • Cindx receives commissions for sales and subscribes to the terminal.
  • This platform has many blessings that characterize it with the simplest platform to reflect together from the simplest choices for skilled dealers and among them.
  • Special grants can allow investors to maintain their activities at platform intervals, giving them access.  there is the possibility of operating with science money, no matter the situation.
  • The possibility of getting a clear and complete history from the dealer stating to manage investor assets.  this allows you to choose UN agents who are knowledgeable and will guarantee good results.
  • There are no big brokers and commissions.  This approach allows customers of the localized Cindx platform to describe in a simple and economical way.

 CINDX advantage 

  1. Traders at CINDX are evaluated according to their success stories in trading.  Choose the merchant that suits you best.
  2. Our decentralized system and smart contract will allow you to manage funds without transferring to other traders.
  3. Every investor at CINDX has the opportunity to manage it on the market. 
    So, now there is an opportunity, to participate with CINDX on ico! 

Cindx ICO Token

Details: Cindx ICO Token
Token CINX
Price 1 CINX = USD
Gift Available
MVP / Prototype Available
Platform layer
Receive ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, Fiat
Hard hat 21.000.000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist / KYC KYC

Cindx ICO

Cindx ICO

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Cindx ICO

Cindx ICO

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