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What is Ethershift? 
Ethershift  grants to enable customers to transact quickly and efficiently between ERC20 market tags at different speeds, without facing problems when participating in commercial or additional steps to use decentralized transactions such as IDEX. Decentralized transactions as large IDEX, however, many speculators in Digital currencies usually feel like they are overly confused, and in this way, a significant measure of real commitment. They never get the references they deserve. Etershift is creating ways to get the best and up tokens and come less demanding than before. Ethershift has no profile, collects 0 customer information, and does not do KYC.
How do Ethershift work?
After the ICO token is completed, the token is usually sent to the investor immediately. Listing on the main exchange requires a lot of time and money and is often not a quick process if it happens at all. A number of decentralized exchanges have emerged that allow first access to these tokens, but they are difficult to use for the average investor. Because the process of getting this card seems difficult for the average buyer, at least they will buy it, and wait for them to be listed on a larger exchange, and at that time, we have lost big profits. Ethershift registers and arrives on the same day they are released from their ICO and available on the market.
Ethershift  takes part of the benefits (half of that is information code, half is productivity tokens) to show the danger of increasing commercial rates. Outsiders can integrate Ethershift into their own framework and receive 50% of the benefits of using the Transfer API. The benefits of back-end are applications written on JS Hub, running on Amazon EC2. To get Ethereum, a complete hub was introduced on the server, and the benefits of the back-end talked to him through the JSONRPC API. Authorities use SQL databases to monitor their benefits.
Counter ethershift represents 50% of the profits of Ethershift WHOLESALE. Every quarter, 50% of gross profit will be used to repurchase Ethershift tokens and burn them. Ethershift problem is solved
The use of BLOCKCHAIN ​​technology in this modern era is the best curtain of innovation. Blockchain technology has been introduced in various fields and sectors such as finance, health, agriculture and education. At the beginning of the year, at the beginning of the year, there was a meeting with people who took part in the meetings that took place in the past at ETHERSHIFT at the end of the year, at the beginning of the year.
Cryptocurrency applications around the world have less because of some setbacks A decentralized platform on the stock market, where people can easily convert their cryptocurrency. As I said before, the chaos of the global exchange platform before the introduction of crypto currencies has given them a lot of irregularities. This encourages ETHERSHIFT to introduce a new decentralized exchange.
Among the problems centered on Borsen’s face are:
Lack of transparency,
Security system,
Have you ever been accused of trading on a trading platform with little or no imagined trading costs, don’t imagine you were trading with a good free hack security system on the stock market, you never imagined trading caves with bags and fast processing. ETHERSHIFT answers all of these questions   
before the initial exchange of crypto ETHERSHIFT, managers have the problem of exchanging ordinary cryptography with everything that follows existing hacks and uncertainties, managers often lose money on some central exchanges.
More problems faced by handlers are, and slow confirmation and delays in processing transactions. This problem is a big problem in the trading room, long because traders do not have time to wait before their payments are fully focused due to high volatility. ETHERSHIFT platform with handlers They don’t need to worry about security and pull their tokens.
Other issues related to a centralized exchange platform are still and high business costs Lack of transparency. These problems have become the next major problem in the cryptocurrency trade sector, where the ETHERSHIFT platform has recognized this and is ready to provide permanent solutions for them. Most centralized platforms always charge high transaction fees, which are in line with the manager’s benefits. This means that all trading platform operators take advantage of trade names and transaction costs, managers are not always happy with this problem.
Cryptocurrency items have become a problem for most other projects because high quotation costs are imposed on centralized exchange platforms which are usually not accessible to project developers. In addition to the issue of quotation fees, centralized exchanges show more time to record erc20 on the stock market, and indeed in the name of the assessment and confirmation reading.  
With decentralized ETHERSHIFT management exchanges and there is no need to worry about the cost of listing high-level project developers and once again being kept on their project list. Decentralization means automation of technology platforms Complete with BLOCKCHAIN, which is a welcome development
is the erc20 sign on the ETHERSHIFT platform as a form of incentive and transaction costs for owners and managers on the platform used by EtherShift A. The platform has Hollywood Token burning feature to reduce the number of tokens in circulation and increase the token value that supports storage tokens

When Ethershift stood up to make ERC trades ~ 20 possible tokens on the system, it set some credible and great features on the portal to reach the destination.

  • First, Ethershift has proposed to make all kinds of ERC ~ 20 tokens registered and can be traded along with the main Ethereum in its ecosystem.
  • Second, Ethershift will provide all respectable and respected clients with a standard wallet, where all the benefits of transactions and prizes will be forwarded to. 
    This will display the value of each token with respect to Ethereum for easy conversion and visibility to clients during trading.
  • Fourth, it will determine the maximum and minimum number of tokens that can be stored in the exchange wallet and also in the hot wallet.
  • Finally, Ethershift will show profit margins for ERC ~ 20 tokens to help its clients in the trading process.

Sales Stages

23 August – 30 September
Hardcap 2,500 Ether
1 Ether = 600 Ethershift Tokens. 1.5 million tokens are available in this round. Any unsold tokens will be burned.
MAIN SALES (Stage 1)
5 – 18 November
Hardcap 6,250 Ether
1 Ether = 400 Ethershift Tokens. 2.5 million tokens are available in this round. Any unsold tokens will be burned.
* Private investors can buy tokens before November 5. Please contact us for more info.
MAIN SALES (Stage 2)
December 3 – 16
Hardcap 25,000 Ether
1 Ether = 200 Tokens Ethershift. 5 million tokens are available in this round. Any unsold tokens will be burned.


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More info:
Whitepaper: themes / ethershift-ico / downloads / ethershift_whitepaper.pdf

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