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What is the Icovo application? 
ICOVO is the first and only ICO platform in the world that can update healthy ICOs. The essence of the DAICOVO smart contract service, which is based on the DAICO concept, which is advocated by co-founder Ethereum Vitalik Buterin from January 2018. Each developed country government regulations to create a healthy environment for ICO, but this is difficult to get to ICO indefinitely simply use centralized regulation. We will solve the fraud of the project and reduce motivation – issues raised by the ICO – through the DAICO decentralized approach. With the mission of having all ICO using DAICO, we will develop and open source DAICOVO, which is aligned with the thinking behind DAICO.
In addition, we will issue OVO tokens, which will be dedicated as currency to obtain ICO investments. Ethereum, which has a high and universal distribution number, currently used as the main currency for the acquisition, but we will provide benefits for ICO investors to use OVO to participate in the ICOVO platform project. OVO is the only worldwide symbol specifically for the acquisition of ICO funds. Its value increases ICO noise over the ICOVO platform, so that OVO will serve as a symbol and index of environmental health of the ICO. In addition to creating a healthy environment with DACOOVO ICO and OVO as its core, the ICOVO mission is to broaden the range of investors and market in ICO ICO itself. ICOVO will solve the problem by removing obstacles to the process of participation in the ICO so that anyone can participate easily. They will be solved by providing ICOVO App (iOS / Android), which integrates the unique world wallet that is optimized for ICO, and ICOVO Web, which will improve usability by participating in ICO through a personal computer. Through the provision of four services – DAICOVO, OVO, ICOVO App and Web ICOVO – ICOVO will build an ecosystem of reliable blockchain associated startups.

If you want to sign up with a simple way then you just need to click on the list clicking here you will be transferred to the registration room. 

ICOVO Web: ICO website listing with comprehensive ICO investor protection
ICOVO Web is a website for the founders of the ICO project to register their ICOs with investors. This really protects ICO investors and lists only ICO projects that meet ICOVO requirements. The criteria for inclusion in the DAICOVO ICOVO use, KYC / AML planners, as required by ICOVO and dissemination of the project progress. The biggest feature is the whitepaper version using IPFS. All ICO project white papers listed on ICOVO Web are managed by IPFS and block chains. The version white paper via IPFS storage and block strings makes it impossible to adulterate the whitepaper later. This means that even if investors do not download the whitepaper before or lose it, they can always verify that the project is running according to the original official report and, otherwise they can compile and vote for their money to be returned. KYC required by ICOVO, which include passport verification and ID-based AML, apply not only to investors but also to the founders of the ICO project. In addition, to increase the transparency of the ICO project activities, ICOVO state of progress of the social project by measuring and viewing the project use GitHub, social media, and other large appliances. ICOVO also requires a uniform format for some important whitepaper items so that each ICO project planner can be read in a uniform format. The ICOVO application is synchronized with the ICO list information and bookmark functions so that ICO investors can achieve participation in one place.


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