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As we all know, every difficulty available (including banks) must have their accounting books. Surely there is time, energy and costs that must be spent to be able to carry out the transaction. Of course we (the  customers  ) are charged an additional feefee  ).

Continuing our initial discussion, what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin and cash book money systems into one global organization. Of course the benefits are reducing time and costs.


BitCoin ONE is a community-based project. Decentralized means that no country or company controls it, Ecosystems are based on people who help in marketing, support & development.

We are developing projects with use cases, which are Crypto Cellular Wallets and Applications. 
We have a good set of core values. 
We even have a pool with 2 million BTCONE / 2 million B1P 
allocated for charity projects. This will be distributed to 40 different projects around the world.

Projects that stand out and help local communities to benefit from the New Blockchain Era. Furthermore we are social and have an online presence and also do Meetups to grow the community. 
Further team members are in 2018 attending 5 BlockChain Summits / events. We have a hand on what is happening at the scene.

An Extraordinary Project, with a strong and Professional team approaching the possibility of intuition is very interesting, I hope this project will go to the moon, and this project is trusted by investors & Everyone to work on Crypto Market.

Who Created Bitcoin?

There are many people who say that Bitcoin was created by someone, even though large discovery is always done by a group of people (one team).

Bitcoin was discovered by a team or a group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto.



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