Blinked ( BLKD ) – The Only Social Media Platform that Gives 90% Revenue for Its Users

Surely everyone knows about modern social networks. This is a social network of a broad profile that allows users to do almost anything that is within the rules. But such social networks can not cover all of people’s needs. For such situations, specialized social networks were invented, which solve the finer spectrum of tasks. I would like to tell you about one of these social networks today. This social network, which offers its users to share their impressions about products and various services through the reviews!

Naturally, this platform is built on the technology blockchain, which means that the reviews will be honest, transparent and, very importantly, comfortable. each user can receive a reward for good and useful feedback, which requires the people to try to write them. The usefulness of the reviews will be counted on the basis of the votes of other users, so it will not work. The entire rating for each review will be recorded in the Blockchian, which means that everyone will see the entire history of the rewards and transactions for any time

How dose Blinked work?

The network referred to earlier is called Blinked

If at all on simple, imagine that you bought some goods and want to tell about the experience of working with him. You go to the platform, post your honest feedback about the product with all its pluses and minuses. After this, people start to view your post. The more likes, he gets views, the more useful he will be, the more money you will eventually get

Why did you need such a project?

Everyone who does advertising knows that the entire monetization of user traffic in social networks exclusively belongs to the social network itself. Users are not paid money for the fact that they use the social network and fill it with content. I think this is not entirely true, but the reality is that modern social networks absolutely do not stimulate their users to create high-quality content. Of course, everywhere there are those who can earn and under such conditions, but frankly, such people are not so many and they earn clearly less than they deserve

Everyone knows about Facebook, and so he earned for advertising at the beginning of each video 40.7 billion dollars for 2017. And in this case, how much did users get? Miser, really minuscule. And it’s sad. Blinked offers its users a solution to this problem! Each user of the platform will be able to earn money regardless of the topic on which the content was written, regardless of the number of subscribers and experience. It’s really cool! For example, you liked the book, or maybe a film of what kind – tell about it in Blinked and get your honestly earned tokens. It’s wonderful, is not it?

The platform plans to keep to itself only 10% of revenue on advertising, and the rest is distributed among users who create content. This makes this platform honest and really motivates everyone to create quality content. Blockchain, in turn, will help advertisers track market trends, reach the audience and other wonderful things that they used to pay for earlier. Here, among other things, the blockage will be the guarantor of the accuracy of the information, and you, as an advertiser, will be sure that these data are true

And one more advantage of the platform can be considered fighting with bots. Faking likes and commentaries will be strictly prohibited, and with real suspicions of fraud, such accounts will be blocked, so as not to interfere with honest people to work. Thanks to this social network, you can write a review on everything from lingerie to computer games, and for this all you will receive a reward!

I think this is really cool


The platform will have two tokens, namely

The first token will be used for financial transactions, such as trading on the stock exchange, etc.

A second token will be needed in order to pay for various services within the platform and receive a reward for the work done. Inside the platform, there will be a free exchange of one currency for another, which is very good

Distribution of the Token

5% is the project reserve;
25% ICO – Pre-Sale;
5% ​​Sale;
10% Private Pre-Sale (already sold);
10% team leaves themselves;
5% can be purchased at the current stage of the ICO – Early Pre-Sale

Moreover – Blinked ( BLKD )


This is a referral platform in social networks, managed by a group of qualified people who give users up to 90 percent of advertising revenue. Participants earn 90 percent of their income by being active referrals. Your income will depend on how committed you are to your business, and participants share only their favorite things, places, services and other things that fascinate them. Join a growing community with more than 13,000 customers. The platform takes KYC very seriously. Those who are interested in purchasing BLKD Tokens should provide the information requested for the subsequent review process, which may take up to 48 hours. To maintain your confidentiality, the Platform trusts the information sent and does not disclose it to third parties

The Conclusion

We believe that this project will be in demand on the market, as it will offer many people an additional inflow of money for what they already did before. This is really cool! In addition, everyone will be able to get acquainted with reviews on the product or service that interests a person and at the same time understand that the reviews are honest. I think that the project should break out into people if the team tries. We consider it necessary to look at the project without fail. But as always, think with your head and do not rush in such a matter as investing

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