4 Things About TitanProjects That You Need To Know

Titan Projects is an upcoming revolutionary blockchain-based system for secure and decentralized payments involving digital currencies.

The system comprises of a native cryptocurrency called Titan Coin (TTN), a new blockchain and a number of in-house projects, all of which use a common payment system powered by the native Titan Coin.

Many people have been comparing Titan Coin with existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH and rightly so.

However, there are things about the Titan Coin that not only differentiate it from other existing coins but also establish it as one of the best, new payment currencies.

It is a Coin, not a Token

The most important thing to know about the Titan Coin is that it is a coin and not a token. What’s the difference, you ask? Coins are created with the primary purpose of being used as payment currency. It means that the main purpose of Titan Coin is to allow instant digital payments.

While some tokens may as well provide this feature, the benefit of using a native coin like Titan is that the currency is not altered in any way and ensures truly decentralized payment transactions.

Titan Coin is a payment currency

Titan Coin is a digital currency which was created for payments. That said, the coin is designed such as to facilitate completely transparent, fast and limitless transactions involving digital money.

Titan coin uses the zero-coin library for enabling users to make immediate payment to almost anywhere in the world.

Even in the long term, when the coin becomes popular and high in demand, the primary use will continue to be making payments.

Titan Coin has its own blockchain

Another thing that the users, buyers, and investors must know about the Titan Coin is that it is based on completely new blockchain technology.

The Titan blockchain utilizes Hybrid POW & dynamic POS systemfor verifying the transactions along with SHA 256+ Groestl (Dual Algorithm) for increasing the speed and security of transactions.

The PoS (proof of stake) system of Titan pays 2.5 percent per year in rewards to long-term users.

The Titan blockchain is specifically designed with a focus on increasing the security and speed of digital transactions.

There are multiple projects (applications) in Titan

There is a reason why the name is TitanProjects and not TitanProject. This is because there are multiple projects under the same roof.

In order to increase the demand of the Titan Coin, there are being developed multiple applications, including Terminal 21 (Dating App), Fantasy Sports Gaming App, Sales Team Reporting App, etc.

Titan Coin can be used for payments on all these apps. Moreover, the system will partnership with multiple external vendors and merchants for further increasing the applications of the coin.

Visit the official website for a complete understanding of the Titan coin (TTN) concept.


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