facilitate the way people make transactions today

Cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocurrency: Sometimes known as “exchange”, this is an institution that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency and other currencies. As a result, they function as intermediaries between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers, link requests with supplies and allow buyers to make their desired purchases using cryptos or fiat of their choice, according to which are supported by individual exchanges.

BitcoinBing   is a cryptocurrency market with unique features and improvements that make it better than other cryptocurrency exchanges. Utilizing a peer-to-peer architecture, where the entire blockchain concept is built, BitcoinBing gives its users absolute control over the cryptocurrency exchange formats, processes and procedures they want.

  • Bitcoinbing Exchange allows all users to place transactions at zero percent costs
  • Bitcoinbing wallet offers security with blockchain protection that seals every transaction strongly
  • Bitcoinbing will provide assistance all the time by platform-trained specialists
Our vision

BitcoinBing’s vision is to raise expectations across the industry and to provide a world-class experience with a powerful trading engine, active platform development, and customizable interfaces. We handle issues that reach industry and our platform is dedicated to the user base. Bitcoinbing is balancing participation in blockchain space and accelerating mass adoption. This project is focused on optimizing trade with cryptocurrency and blockchain induction. This is an attempt to bring the world into a safe and reliable system. Bitcoinbing will secure the interests of its users in all aspects. The motif is to facilitate the way people make transactions today. With a peer-to-peer architecture, this platform will neutralize the benefits for each user.

Our mission

Raising standards of hope across the industry, which is about providing a world class experience with a very powerful trading engine, development platform, and customizable flow. We provide industry and us problems for you, users. Bitcoinbing balances participation in blockchain space and accelerates mass adoption.

The Bitcoinbing matching machine in this place has phenomenal transaction processing capacity that can handle up to 1,000,000 orders / second. Bitcoinbing users avoid the difficulty of waiting for their orders to exit the queue which in some cases can take days or even weeks to process. This platform offers all services provided by public exchanges such as spot trading, margin trading, anonymous instant exchanges and decentralized exchanges.

In addition, it also offers the ability to over-the-counter and peer-to-peer fiat and cryptocurrency trading in a flexible and secure manner. In Bitcoinbing, users signify what cryptocurrency they have and what exchange rate they want to sell, and other users respond and negotiate until an agreement is reached. After doing so, a smart contract is agreed to determine how much to exchange on both sides, how the transfer of value must be made, and in what time period this event will occur. To ensure that users are not deceived by their money or if not disturbed, an assessment and review mechanism exists for each year to get a trust rating in place,

Token Bing

Bing tokens are the Bitcoinbing platform’s original token that gives traders zero trading costs, when using it to pay fees for trades made on Bitcoinbing exchanges. This means that Bitcoinbing raises capital, launches it with functional products and directly has practical utilities to benefit users. Utility tokens are functional tokens which, through intelligent contract programming, can be used in various ways. In the case of Bing, it can be used to pay for services on the platform as well as with zero trading costs.

• Bing tokens are utility tokens.

• The revenue sharing feature will be added in the future.

• Bing tokens can be used to trade other crypto currencies.

• Bing token values ​​can increase because trading volume increases in the exchange.

• A great way to diversify your crypto portfolio.

PreICO date: September 15 to September 30 
ICO dates: October 1 to November 14






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