What is Mixin?

Mixin is a network built on a BFT-DAG network and connecting block-schemes that already work with unlimited bandwidth. You can find a download platform on Google Play if you have Android, and if you have iOS, you can download it to the App Store at any time. You can also follow them on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Share and Email.

How Mixin Trusted Blockchain Messenger Network Works

The platform is designed to offer everyone an honest platform built on a decentralized network – built for the purpose of processing transactions, contracts and business within a few seconds. This is a p2p-based system that will allow any third party to use the system successfully and securely through contracts. The goal of the platform is to provide an ultra-secure and decentralized environment where people can go for secure exchanges and transactions.

The purpose of the project Mixin Coin

Mixin wants to create balance in distributed networks and traditional clusters, combining the advantages of both. The goals that Mixin wants to accomplish include:

  • The creation of all nodes on the network has authoritative, but reliable limits to ensure transparency and consistency of data.
  • Establish a network in which transactional fees are free with high bandwidth and low latency.
  • Creates an interworking protocol that connects all common block chains.
  • Transactions are anonymous and interact directly with reliable external sources.
  • Easy and secure account verification based on your phone number and PIN.
  • A secure encrypted messaging system ensures that no one can read the message other than the intended recipient.
  • Creates a friendly code system that facilitates compatibility for all Linux libraries and programming languages, allowing third-party developers to use this system to create powerful multi-function applications than.
  • Become the largest block network for mobile phones.

To achieve these goals, Mixin has developed a blockchain platform using the Trusted Execution Environment technology, while the coordinated algorithm (PoW) primarily acts as a guarantee of data replication, and mobile platform nodes will act as validators for performing real-time authentication.

The main element of the Mixin platform is the creation of reliable nodes that are run in the environment. All Mixin buttons are fully trusted, because they can verify the identification of all other nodes via the TEE platform technology.

End-to-end message encryption

Mixin uses the sender’s message protocol key to encrypt and manage all chains, whether direct messages or targeting huddle. No one can check anything from the message without the authorization of the envoy, even full-featured buttons and a high reputation of Mixin can not be read. All messages will be permanently deleted on the server after reading by all recipients in the conversation. Meanwhile, photos, videos and all other sender attachments are also encrypted with an AES key before loading the cloud storage platform. This is a very noticeable feature of Mixin.

Mobile and PIN-based identification

One of the many obstacles that prevent people from using the popular block chain is not performance, but the process of identifying or managing accounts. paragraph. All today’s popular networks of blockbodies require that people manage at least one personal key in order to maintain their identity, which is very difficult to remember, and sometimes a problem for many. People want to access this technology. On the Mixin platform, he developed a much simpler identification solution, which is identification and control based on confirmation codes and PIN codes. Thanks to the use of TEE technology, the identification of the phone and the PIN in the Mixin system has the same level of security as other platform-block circuits.

XIN – token

XIN is the only token used by many services in Mixin,

including full collateral, creation of DApp and API

calls. To join the network as a complete node, you need to promise

At least 10,000 XIN tokens to establish initial trust.

Each new act of creating DApp will have a one-time

The cost in XIN, the size of which is determined

The resources that DApp claims they consume. Mixin API

calls from DApps can cost a little XIN, depending on the

by type of call and account.

All XIN fees and charges levied by the network will be

processed into a mining basin. 1 000 000 permanent XIN tokens are issued to the world at a time, and 400 000 of them have been successfully distributed to holders from 25/11/2017 to 25/12/2017 with a rate of 20 EOS / XIN.

50,000 XINs were distributed to early users of Mixin Messenger. 50,000 XINs are reserved for the development team. The remaining 500,000 XIN will become an incentive for all Mixin nodes and light nodes.

Who is behind the mix?

The Mixin team does not have information about the team behind the scenes, and there is no information about the location of the company’s headquarters. This is usually considered a bad sign when we talk about start-ups and ICOs, the reason is the lack of transparency. Without disclosing personal information, they hide something. And because of this, Mixin loses points for being not transparent about who they are or where they are from.

Road map


Conclusion Mixin

The company is designed to provide users with a safe experience when they can trade, exchange, buy or sell a variety of crypto-isolation in a peer-to-peer network. The company works with several currencies, languages ​​and contracts. To learn more about the platform, go to mixin.one and check the platform for yourself.

Mixin Network is a good ICO program.

Think the business is pretty weird. He regularly attracts people.

Experienced and qualified cooperation is difficult to achieve.

We can build the ability to achieve goals.

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