Neluns – cryptocurrency The best conditions for developing market quality

You can buy and sell encryption with a few clicks.
Encrypted business leadership starts with division.
Deposit and also withdraw funds through the system with just a few clicks through all elements
Open an IBAN account – personal account and media office
Visa, MasterCard, American Express debit card, debit card, debit card
Direct delivery and receipt of international fees
Save assets to correct cryptographic deposits and errors
Contains credit ratio for equity and encryption
By lending the Peer-to-Peer Loan Platform
Make sure all transactions
Exchange NLS Token Encryption Please use your business
Dividend certificate
Active traders can benefit and reduce risk levels

With the advent of Neluns,

Interest in cryptographic assets is covered by increased investment.
Increased use of encryption for payments.
Increase business encryption.
The process of entering new capital into the cryptomarket.

The goal of providing a lot of traditional banking services for Nelun is the financial needs of consumers through personal and corporate goals. At that time, the act of creation that was provided by the bill and the encryption violation. When using an IBAN multi-currency account and wallet, it also makes it easy for customers who want to exchange operations with a few clicks.

The “bank guarantee” guardian principle allows you to make new quality business encryption. The combination of these principles is an innovative technique to create the best conditions for traders and encryption funds.

Neluns mobile applications for iOS and Android, making banking and trading businesses accessible anywhere in the world.

NELUNS sure you know that you provide a mobile application for iOS and Android?

IOS and Android Neluns
Mobile application.


Applications for iOS and Android, Fiat and cryptocurrency (P2P-Credit), site operations, income and loan transfers are easy to do with two clicks of distance. To function in all business activities found in the Nelu, iOS and Android applications ecosystem, it can be easy: a single-click exchange from the trading cryptocurrency to Nelu, interest deposits at Nelu Bank. Please borrow via Nelu. Please borrow a bank, donate a bank, get a loan, do business around the world in a few seconds, on a P2P platform. Below are videos of iOS and Android application performance.

Do you know?

For commercial users of commercial banks commercial banks.
From the birth of Neluns, the potential for business cryptographic potential can increase dramatically. One of them can find the best solution with various banks. For example, long-term investors dulmálsfé develop the ability to access creditor utilities, reduce deposits, profit trader bonus accounts, creditors. Peer-to-peer (P2P) loan access is open to individual credit ratings. The escrow system will increase investment in ICO at a security level. As a result, capital recovered, which increased investor confidence.

Please check the following summary.

If you have a signature, you will receive bonuses and bonus discounts when using the platform.
ICO is released only when informal additional signage releases
Currencies such as the large cryptocurrency Bittrex, Huobi, OK-EX, HitBTC, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance, after implementing YoBit trading, are very simple business and attractive interest rates and NLS liquidity guarantee ways.
NLS has grown with the growth of Neluns Eco financing. This will allow key owners to provide further assistance.
Prices have reached NLS $ 1200 in the price of 2021. In April 2020, the Blockchain Nelosystem is planned to be published on the New York Stock Exchange.
The 50% benefit from the Nelun ecosystem is distributed quarterly to the owners of each symbol based on the number of symbols they have.

Benefits of using Neluns system:

Users in the system can get various benefits. This is as follows.
With innovative technology, despite maximum effort, business transformation is possible without complexity and time.
Under the protection of the principle of “bank guarantee”, users can play an active role in handling cryptographic violations. With the principle of “bank guarantee” combined with advanced technology, you can easily withdraw money. It provides high level protection to the network and creates perfect conditions for currencies and traders of financial institutions. Users can receive audits from all over the world under the supervision of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
Users can access 4 different debit or credit cards. This is Little, Silver, Gold, Platinum.
Users can access loans with settlement or encryption in the Nelun banking system.
You benefit when credit funds are P2P loans (match 2 matches). The loan platform is operated based on Neluns Bank and authorized users can use this service.
Active users receive more protection and other additional benefits.
Users can receive benefits from NLS token transactions and dividends from all insurance transactions.
Users get the opportunity to open an individual or shared IBAN multi-currency account.
In addition, you can buy, send payments, trade encryption transactions, withdraw money from any ATM in the world at any time. All users can do business with USD, EUR, GBR, and cryptographic violations. Bank cards automatically accompany IBAN accounts in various currencies.

About genuine currency auctions

NLS is a security sign that provides 50% benefit for users based on the symbols and benefits of the Nelun system that are made in accordance with ERC-20 standards. Payment of dividends is distributed every three months and is calculated in proportion to the number of user symbols that represent the total.
A total of 200,000,000 NLS symbols will be issued to the ICO. 1 The basic price of the NLS symbol is 1 US dollar. ICO is divided into three stages. Pre-sale, Pre-ICO, ICO.
ICO level (round)
Sales in advance
The first phase requires 14 days from August 1 to August 15. Hard caps are 50% of investment in 1 10 ETH E or 1 additional bonus 40% bonus bonus at 30% normal while soft caps are $ 500,000 $ 2,000,000.
In the second stage, the ICO will be held from August 15 to September 5, which lasts for 21 days. His hard hat is $ 10 million and his soft hero is $ 2,000,000. This is an additional bonus of 20% from 30% and 35% investment in 1 10 ETH ETH or 1 business.
The third stage, the ICO, will take place from 5 September to 5 October and last for 31 days. The cap is $ 112 million and the soft cap is $ 10 million. There are 25% of the standard 10% bonus and 20% additional bonus and 1 10 ETH E or 1 business investment.

  Road Map

November 2017: Formula Nelands
December 2017: ICO preparation
May 2018: beta test for iOS mobile application
June 2018: Investment funds and anchors Hold a closed investment round for investors
July 2018: Preparation for the sale of the NLS symbol
August 2018: NLS symbol for pre-sale for ICO
September 2018: NLS ICO symbol for iOS and Android, launches mobile application (beta)
October 2018: List of currency transactions,,
November 2018: Launched in P2P loans and starts a mobile application (alpha version) for iOS and Android
December 2018:, cryptocurrency exchange, registered at,,
January 2019: American American Express credit card to get Nelu Bank out, connect VISA, Master Card, Nelu Bank to Swift, change cryptocurrency, transfer funds to every part of the world We start paying.
February 2019: obtaining a CFTC license, Neluns Exchange – initiates the exchange of innovative cryptographic encryption
April 2019: Launch of a complete Nelands ecosystem
April 2020: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) IPO (First Auction)

Team Summit (HQ)
The Inti Nelu team is an expert with banking experience, chain blocks, big data, business development, network engineering, software engineering, marketing. Join the Nelu block chain ecosystem and get 50% profit, every three months.

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