AGNUM: Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

Agnum is a platform that will invest in the creation of MASTERNOOD and mining. The discovery of the funds received from the method and mining will be distributed to ICO participants as soon as the ICO reaches a strict limit. funds collected from the ICO will be distributed to mines and creations, so coins can be converted to ETH, and ETH will be distributed to ICO participants, with the exception of maintenance costs. After Hardcap is reached, the Agnum team will create an ERC20 marker built on Ethereum, and all ico members will receive tokens.
 AGNUM is an  Asset, where platform funds are invested, chosen by the collective voting voting method. Each holder chooses an asset from the list provided which is considered the most promising. This provides a balance of endurance \ back to the tokenholder’s expectation for each asset, because the voice of only users who have invested their money and no one will choose an unreliable asset.
How does Agnum work?
Actually, this is a good solution for all investors with cryptocurrency, participating in Agnum investors, will avoid a total investment loss in cryptocurrency. by diversifying investment in several methods, Post Cryptocurrency and several mining companies, thus ensuring the highest profitability. every Agnum investor joins a monthly vote which will result in a collective decision regarding portfolio distribution. In addition, Agnum Platform will take the role of portfolio administrator and take the necessary actions and take quick action in terms of allocating funds to the cryptocurrency method and the contents of letter publications. The results of the platform are based on the total remuneration of participants.
I have included diagrams to simplify understanding about

Agnum’s work structure.

  • Participants are registered on the Agnum platform.
  • The member sends the ETH to the member’s personal account member. then participants can buy AGN on the platform during the ICO or in return after the ICO.
  • SGBV collected in the general MWSS will be targeted to the pool after participation.
  • Voting will be held every month to distribute funds to be invested in e-mail cryptocurrency in the master, and select cryptocurrency in collective development.
  • Gifts with certain proportions collected from each worker will be charged in the monthly payroll pool.
  • At the end of the month, the collected portion will be distributed in a certain proportion to token holders and reserve funds.
  • And each winning token holder can withdraw his token to his own external wallet ETH.
What is an AGN token?
The AGN Token is an ERC20 marker, which is under the Ethereum Blockchain block. The number of tokens has a large influence on monthly votes for redistribution of funds from Crypto folio, in addition, the amount of remuneration is determined by the number of AGN tokens held by participants in their Agnum Platform account.
Personal Token Sales

The start date of the personal sale of AGN tokens will be
available on the homepage and in the
official cabinet of  the official website At 
the private sales stage, investors get the best price of 1 
AGN = 0.7 USD. 

Pre-sale token
The start date for pre-sale AGN tokens will be available on the homepage and in the private cabinet of the official website Pre-sales are divided into 4 rounds, each round will last 7 days. The following token values ​​are set for the pre-sale period:
Stage 1- 1 AGN = 0.9 USD
Stage 2 – 1 AGN = 0.92 USD
Stage 3- 1 AGN = 0.94 USD
Stage 4- 1 AGN = 0.96 USD

ICAS The main ICO start date will be available at 
the homepage and the personal cabinet on 
the official website and lasts 30 days or 
up to the required amount of $ 10,000,000 for the Hard 
Cap is reached. ICO is divided into 4 rounds, each 
round will last 7 days. The following ICO values ​​are set 
for the pre-sale period: 
Stage 1 – 1 AGN = 1.2 USD 
Stage 2 – 1 AGN = 1.24 USD 
Stage 3 – 1 AGN = 1.28 USD 
Stage 4- 1 AGN = 1.32 USD 

Post ICO
After the end of the ICO, AGN tokens can be purchased 
from other token holders through 
an internal AGNUM exchange. If at that time the Hard 
ICIS CAPIS is reached, the token trading will also be available at 
external exchanges (Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex or on 
decentralized Exchange EtherDelta). 







Why do you have to buy   AGNUM tokens 



This project is run by two blockchain developers, one network

as a developer and expert on IT infrastructure on the cloud platform,

3 consultants in the information field

from leading companies, 2 financial analysts with 11

years of experience in the foreign exchange market

and a successful electronic trading experience.

Seals that you know, blockchain is the most reliable way

Information storage has been found. No

Someone can hang up, change any date

stored in mystery and rolling coins. However, it is still indirect

Factors affecting electronic money

files. Thus, down December 2017 in the media

bring up information about kidnapping in sequence

To get Ransom in Bitcoin of the Expert

Blockchain technology, and general

The EXMO Director exchanges electronic money.

The AGNUM team is an expert

from business. With a general voice, it was decided not to

Disclosure of personal data for team members

Let him not wet them

to be able to influence and take from third parties

High population and storage levels

Use AGN tokens.


The AGNUM team has a sugar experience

and knowledge in the field of IT, web development

electronic electronics. According to the general AGNUM voice

timUNT not to slide by third parties,

And the budget is saved to invest in the AGNUM portfolio coding.

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